This is not real is it? I remember the bleacher report back when it was a small, 'lil ole sports site that was, I repeat *was* interesting. This is just so damned stupid I gotta post this crap. More afterwards reading this ridiculous horse poop.

Atlanta Falcons: Keeping Dan Quinn? That question mark isn't there*by accident.

Coming off a surprise Super Bowl campaign, the Falcons have done just about everything right this offseason. They didn't lose any key players, they bolstered their defensive front by adding two-time Pro Bowler*Dontari Poe and top pick*Takkarist McKinley, and they couldn't do much about the departure of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

The Falcons shouldn't necessarily have fired head coach Dan Quinn after blowing a 25-point lead in the Super Bowl, but it's worth discussing. The Falcons didn't win the NFC South and make that run because of Quinn. They got there because Shanahan's offense was the best in football. They got there because they averaged a silly 39 points per game in the six outings that preceded the Super Bowl. They got there because quarterback*Matt Ryan*was the league MVP.*

How much did that have to do with the defensive-minded Quinn? Not a lot. But Quinn is in charge of making key strategic decisions in big moments, and the Falcons botched those moments as they endured one of the worst collapses in the history of American sports during Super Bowl LI.*

Was a young team traumatized by that? If so, 2017 could be ugly regardless of how good the Falcons look on paper. If that's how things play out, we could soon be wondering whether Quinn should have taken the fall for that unforgettable debacle in Houston.

Well we knew 28-3 would be rammed down Falcons fans throats for all of 2017. If the Falcons reach SB LII, winning by 14 with 2:00 remaining there'll be the comment 'bout that collapse. Just get used to it Falcons fans. The media has so little imagination and common sense all they can do is repeat regurgitated vomit from all they biased colleagues.

So,...we must "discuss" firing Dan Quinn? Crack,...meth,...pot,...alcohol,...the big H, people should back off the drugs mane. It be makin' you fools look,...foolish. Drug heads