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Thread: Power shift

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    Power shift

    Keep a sharp eye out for some recent moves by Falcons opponents.

    -Vikings signed their RB of the future(Cook), and Minny now has a veritable stable of 3 thoroughbred RBs. No one's a talkin' 'bout the Vikes. But they will be comin' round October.

    -Same thang with the Bucs. Former Falcons HC Mike Smith is quietly building a fine defense in Tampa. The Bucs D-coor has returned the classic Cover 2 scheme as the primary defensive set that the Bucs made famous in the early 2,000s. And btw,...Tony Dungy did NOT invent that D-scheme,...haha that defensive scheme is older than dirt. Anyway, the Bucs have signed 10 defensive ends for 2017. They have a very good shut down corner and tough safeties. LB might be a problem if they're expected to cover TEs or RBs outta the backfield but an overall soleeeed unit.

    -A West Coast buddy has,...and here we go with hear-say bshaha,...but he's been hearing there's problems inside the Seattle Seahawks locker room. This is just a rumor, so take it for what it's worth but the whisper is that some players(defensive players), are sick of seeing Russell Wilson pampered by Pete Carroll. The reason I bring this up is cause I saw it appen with Mike Vick when Jim Mora was HC. Mora treated Vick like a KING and it indeed caused,...mmmm say ill will to a degree. I recall Falcons players saying that Vick was treated differently after all the dog fighting stuff came down and they could speak out 'bout it later. Leadership qualities is what Vick lacked cause he was so damned selfish. If this is true; Wilson not being a leader, well,...sure could effect the performance of the team overall. hahaMaybe Richard Sherman can be the leader of the Hawks after no other NFL team were interested in his services. hmmm,...can you hear that sound of crumbling?

    -Speaking of crumbling,...there's a few recent dynasties 'bout to come down to Earth this season. One of those could be the Seahawks but they play in a weak division. But point is, it looks like there's a gonna be a power shift in the NFL. The power shift may be Southward from the Northern. Tampa is ready boys,...the Titans too in a big time fashion. Their QB will be a future star. The Falcons simply dominated the class of the NFC in the 2016 playoffs. The Steelers are looking like they're reeling with an aging QB/roster and the Patriots,...hmmm. Belichick hinted he's coming close to retiring recently. Knowing Belichick he'll use that to motivate his team to perform at their usual optimal level. But,...the clock is ticking.

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    Yeah like in college football. The power is the S.E.C. now

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    Was liking what I saw in Tennessee and Tampa while I was studying for the draft. Tennessee is solid across the board and I expect them to win the AFC south. Tampa Bay will make some noise but they are still lacking at some premium positions. Donovan Smith has been a disappointment at LT, They have no stud pass rusher and Hargreaves, a #1 pick, had a disappointing rookie season at CB. Their season will be determined by how they come along at those positions.
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