Well, at least there was something to talk 'bout today.

Amazing timing,...last night we got togethah and had a few beers. As usual there was a *small* conversation 'bout the Falcons and Michael Vick. This morning we see this,...commentary to follow.

Michael Vick In Discussions With Atlanta To Retire With*Falcons

Vick was very honest about his time in the NFL after Atlanta; how he wasn’t ready to be a backup quarterback, didn’t know how to do it.
Vick said he was ready to retire and was in talks with the Falcons about signing a one-day contract and retiring with Atlanta. “Hopefully soon,” said Vick.


A 1 day contract? Not sure how that'd work. Would Vick use a roster spot? To retire a Falcon wouldn't it require he take one last snap in a live game?

On MBs this morning most all Falcons fans responding so far are like,...why not? He's paid his fines, served his time. And honestly it don't matter to me if he retires a Falcon. One guy said Vick will be a HOFamer which if so, the HOF is a joke. It's already becoming easier to gain a bronze bust in Canton but that would be verifiable adulteration of the award to include Vick,...in my opinion. BUT remember Vick holds NFL all-time rushing record(S) for a QB that will likely never be broken. So if that's a legit criterion he just might wear the yallow jacket afterall.

Said that,...I have never seen a more electrifying RUNNER, maybe other than Barry Sanders, when Vick was younger from 2001 to 2004. Incredible speed combined with cat-quick feets, but an average passer, a fact.

And the subject came up 'bout how Vick was despised by many NFL fans. Oh yeah,...I remember a Bucs fan saying Vick was bad for the NFL. One guy in the Superbirdsofthesouth forum invoked the "n" word,...wow. Fortunately I was once administrator of that site and I deleted it quickly. And I can see how fans of other teams would see Vick's rushing for so many yards scrambling would appear *cheap* somehow. They were just pissed cause of Vick's ability to thrash a defense with a simple drop back, then dart downfield for 30 yards and run out of bounds. I can unnerstand that see?

Well, at least there was something to talk 'bout today.