Well well, we now have two professional sports franchises embracing the suck.

‘Embrace the Suck’: The story of the 2017 Atlanta Falcons
By Matt Bonesteel May 16 Washington Post

Embrace the Suck: Joe Maddon, Cubs have a new, perfectly-timed rallying cry
By Tony Andracki May 19 CSNChicago.com

Interesting timing, the Cubs starting this slogan stuff up after the MLB season started. In the Falcons case it was Dan Quinn who embraced this slogan back in March. He's been wearing sweat bands with the slogan given to him by Navy SEALS. Cubs manager Maddon said until recently he's never heard it before. But he's gonna sell T-shirts with the slogan and give proceeds to the military and Maddon's charity foundation.hmmmm

Interesting as well both franchises are known for losing, although the Cubs are more beloved by most general MLB baseball fans than are the Falcons with general NFL fans. And just 'bout the time I think the Falcons will forget about that stupid Rise Up slogan. People have had a whole lotta fun with that one.

We'll see how the Cubs fare after announcing their new slogan, one that Maddon didn't know existed until recently. If the Cubs do well after a slow start this season this'll be they battle cry. And if the Cubs do well and come mid-July when the Falcons start training camp and use that slogan they'll be called copy-cats. Oh yeah,...I KNOW how the media works. They'll even *try* to suggest the Cubs started using that slogan before the Falcons.hahaha wouldn't be the first time would it?