Ahhh yes,...Joe Person writes for the Charlotte Observer and is a bona fide panties HOMEY BOY. And he literally despises the Falcons. Person is well known 'round Falcons fans circles. Not many people know DE Bryan Cox JR, the son of former Falcons D-line coach Bryan Cox Sr, is a rookie Panther. So Person wrote up a 'lil piece 'bout Daddy Bryan getting fired by the Falcons after a phone interview. The first sentence caused a chuckle,...


By Joseph Person jperson@charlotteobserver.com

Bryan Cox Sr. is moving to Houston in a couple of weeks because his wife has business there and hes currently unemployed. So Im going to be a stay-at-home dad for six months or however long it is til I get a job, said Cox Sr., the father of Carolina Panthers rookie defensive end Bryan Cox Jr.

hahaha if anyone saw Cox in Hard Knocks ya saw a pussy whupped main. His wife allows baby bryan senior smoke a cigar but makes him takes a shower afterwards? hahaaaa and notice how many times Cox uses the word "I" over and over. What a baby, always has been always will.

I wasnt given an answer to why I was fired. I was left to go back and kind of play stuff over. And the only thing I can come up with is the combine incident that kind of led to it. Cox Sr. shoved an Arizona Cardinals scout at the combine last year during a disagreement over access to a prospect during the interview process. He later apologized.

hahaha heyyyy Person, you didn't mention Cox's profanity-laced coaching style, screaming and cursing like he was a boot camp sergeant or something. Hey Person you forgot to mention Cox's THREE sideline incidents in which Cox grabs players coming off the field and screams in they facemasks like a deranged person.

I dont know why I was fired. Wasnt given an answer. It doesnt even much matter anymore, he said. You move on. I aint got no hard feelings. Ive got people in that building I love. Ive got people in that building I love a little less.

This is funny. It is sooooooooo good to know this angry fool is gone from the Falcons. Cox was a despicable bird shooting, race baiting fool as a player. He screamed as a player and as a coach. Me thinks the boy has a prublum allowing yo wive to rule yo wurl then takin' it out on younger guys, professionals, just to feed yo ego thinking yo way is the only damp way is sick. Good riddance.