There's a 'lil diddy a goin' on at Flowery Branch, GA home of the Atlanta Falcons. And it'll be fascinating to see if this type approach will fail or be a success. Again, and it's all Dan Quinn's ideas.

Recalling when DQ was hired it was like, okay, we'll see. Then there were reports in that 2015 Summer camps that players loved the guy. One Falcon said Quinn is "cool" so there ya go. Essentially DQ is a player's coach all to be darned. He doesn't wear a whistle during practice and doesn't tote a bull whip nor a bull horn.

After starting 5-0 in DQ's rookie season as a head crotch in 2015 the Falcons disappointed down the stretch finishing 8-8. Quinn had an idea,...after that collapse in 2015 and looking ahead to the 2016 training camp, he'd contact sources to have Navy SEALS *practice* and *condition* with Falcon players. haha I recall one SEAL say that most all "those guys" could easily be a SEAL. And this Summer the SEALS will return to Flowery Branch to co-train in the heat of the Georgia Sun. So,...what about dis?,...

hmmmm,...a loose Latin phrase, hive sop dap, says the same thang,...

Had to laugh at the idiots in New England. They're sayin' the Falcons have, ahem, embraced this slogan cause of they embarrassing loss last Feb 5th. Oh no Bean farts, apparently know NOTHING of the United States Military which is common for nawtheastern wannabe elites. Hey, does your crap stink? Oh I bet it smells like yo breath. You idiots,...embrace the suck is about training, conditioning and sacrifice for the brotherhood. idiots.

This proves to me the media based in the nawtheast have ZERO idea what be a goin' on in Flowery Branch. They're way concerned 'bout the Steelers, Patriots, Giants, Jets, Packers,...well the proof will be in the puddin' come this Fall. So embrace the suck.

In my demented, warped view on thangs I see the "suck" as media bias in they coverage of the league. Expect, all you Falcons fans, to be reminded all through the 2017 season of your team's loss,'d be a comin' boys. But embrace that suck, use it for motivation. Remember what they say.

google "embrace the suck" and read the Patriots homey paid as a journalist suggesting it's about the SB loss,'s funny. And he's WRONG.

This is similar to an experiment cause I don't recall a het crotch doing the things DQ is doing. E 'NUFF 'bout this stupid,...Seahawks South horse pahooty.