The Falcons got all the drafted/undrafted rookies together in Flowery Branch last week to run around in shorts. The weather was spectacular ohhhhh but wait til training camp come late July. It'll be hot, hot HOT! But it's not like the good ole days. Back when, few NFL teams had indoor facilities and coaches weren't so much concerned with players' hydration. Back then it was thought water depravation was a part of conditioning. Nowadays player safety is paramount so there's no worry 'bout guys passing out in practice. Here's Dan Quinn and Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff,...Now I can't make fun of Cam Newton's attire anymore,...geesh man.

And that brings back thoughts(in the form of a questions), I been thinkin' bout for some years now,...are today's NFL players conditioned less than players from back in the, say, 1980's? How many times have we seen a team, especially a defense, looking gassed late in a game or especially in overtime?haha The last football game played back on February 5th was proof NFL players are not conditioned to play well in exorbitant snap numbers, especially when they're forced to stay on the field late in the game or OT. And it seems it's the D which gets gassed although we've seen offenses gassed but it's almost always the D.

Last week Dan Quinn admitted his defense was gassed late in SBLI. He said, paraphrasing, I knew we were gassed when players coming to the sideline weren't talking, they played 90 snaps. These guys had played in 18 games, had 2 weeks to rest, prepare and got gassed? Just me but makes zero sense.

It's certain speed and strength must be enhanced via pumping iron and conditioning as in running. Of course the big guys spend hours in the weight room. But as far as the secondary?, I dunno, to me there's no excuse cornerbacks and safeties should EVER be gassed. So another question,...does the concern over injury and players safety issues keep these guys from gettin' into *player shape*? I also have wondered why more players be gettin' hurt so much, when years ago it was normal for yo O-line to start all 5 guys the entire season. Maybe back then they played thru the hurt, to a degree that was true but today any little gimp, one little sprain and the player is done for that game at least.

hmmm,...come to think of it,...shouldn't putting a gassed guy out there cause concern for his safety?