Scanning and haha spanning the internet this morning I found two *threads* created by Falcons fans regarding the,...loss in SB LI. ummmmm Ya'll sound like a scratched CD,...uh uh uh oh ohtrik trik trik,...same ole same ole boys. I'm no psychologist but to dwell upon, to constantly revisit a traumatic event might be some sort of therapy or something, I dunno. After 40 years of gettin' disappointed by this team ya kinda develop mental/emotional callouses. haha Younger Falcons fans have no idea the many ways this team created methods to lose football games. hmmm Actually that's kinda interesting truth be. There should be a Anti-Lombardi trophy or something. Hell, now I'm talkin' crazy stuff.

<sigh>May as well re-hash,...the SB is no ordinary reg season nor playoff game. For one thang the coverage during the game is awful. We didn't learn that C Alex Mack played the 2nd half with a broked laig until after the game. Didn't know LT Matthews sprained his knee in the 2nd qtr. Didn't know starting RT and 2nd string RB didn't play for the last 23 minutes of the game.haha The Patriots front 7 saw the limpings, saw the backup RT in the game, saw the 2nd string RB go down and smelled BLOOD baby.

Everything is like a blur when yo team is in the SB. Then there was the three consecutive D-holding penalties, two questionable calls, which stopped the clock,...on 3 consecutive plays. FIRST DOWN! Then there were two lucky-ass Pats' pass completions for 1st downs,...and I always contend luck is on the side of winners for some reason. And too,...several Falcons players said the hour long halftime was an issue. The combination of having to get warmed up again after 45 minutes and the injuries to the O-line caused the D to get GASSED. The O couldn't do anything until late in the game putting the D on the field constant. By the time OT came around and the Falcons lost the toss, was over baby and I knew it at the time.

Well, maybe going back is therapy. Funny after watching this team lose for so long it ain't effected my personal win-losses in life, not yet anyway. Remember gambling, drinking, smoking and being a fan of an NFL team is for entertainment purposes only.