Recently,,...since its' inception, the media has tendencies to write and say things which are incredibly,...ummm ignorant. To cover they ignorance they tend to *create* news and put it out there as if truth. Some of the things recently been said 'bout the Falcons proves the point. Oh yeah, it's nice to get some attention for a change but c'mon ya'll.

I will say the media finally gets Dan Quinn's defensive strategies which was obvious 4 years ago in Seattle, nice job boys, better late than never eh? and then,...<crickets>? Is me a homey ass? Am I looking thru rose colored glasses? Is my judgement clouded by the infatuation of a football team? hmmm,...I don't think so, not this time anyway.

To get down to it, the Falcons offense is gonna be a MONSTER come September. And for some reason all we're reading 'bout is Cowboys, Packers, Steelers<sigh> and the Patriots. Man this gets old. I told Panthers, Saints, Bucs fans to NOT think just because your team made the SB you'd be in the media spotlight like other franchises. Ignoring the advice all three fan bases became all the sudden NFL elites juuuuust because they reached the pinnacle. Why do I waste me time? They be like this,...

I can hear someone thinking,...hey Penumbnuts, why don't you do they job for them?haha,...hellfire main, I have been for decades. First ya gotta love the game of football. Then ya attach that love to a certain team. And btw, of my nephews LOVED the Dolphins for years. We have flamily in Miami. Suddenly he's now a,...Patriots fan? I dunno 'bout young folks anymore. But anyway, it's still a free country as of today anyways.

I'm not gonna say names,...just check out articles written since February and ya sit back in yo chair and say,...what? You're paid to know all 32 teams and then write things which shows you don't know? And it's not like the Falcons didn't beat the Raiders in Oakland, the Broncos in Denver, the Rams in LA, beat the Chiefs, all great NFL franchises, oh noooo, dat don't matter. Let's cover Rothlisraper being called out, let's cover Brady's stolen jersey.

It's gotten to the point it's alllllllll expected.hahaha espen now has literal *beat writers* for every team in the league. The Falcons beat writer is Vaughn McClure(no relation to Todd McClurehaha), and he did alright last season. Not hard when a team is dominating in most games is it? Nuthin' to bitch 'bout was dey?

There are so many positives 'bout the Falcons it amazes me the ho hum attitude. It's not my job, I do this for fun. But ya'll can be assured I won't be talkin' out the side of me mouf,...