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Thread: Focus: O-line

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    Focus: O-line

    Ya'll know how much I wanted the Falcons to draft the guard Lamp. Still believe he'd be a cornerstone in the middle of the line. But the Falcons did draft a lineman in the 4th, most likely a project,...should make the active roster. But look at the two UDFAs they signed. From PFF,...the signing of OT/G Robert Leff and OT Daniel Brunskill

    The Falcons have signed Auburn OT Robert Leff as a UDFA, who was arguably the best run-blocking tackle in this draft class.
    7:16 PM - 3 May 2017
    and more,...This write up on Brunskill is particularly interesting, as it makes it clear that while he’s got to put on significant weight at the NFL level, PFF believes he was a run-blocking force in college. He’s also a plus athlete, which makes him a potential fit at guard for Atlanta.

    Leff, meanwhile, is just a remarkably solid offensive lineman who doesn’t particularly excel at anything, but being a solid guard will get you jobs at the NFL level. It seems fair to think that at least one of these guys will ultimately land on the practice squad to marinate for a bit—guard has plenty of bodies already for 2017.

    hmmm, PFF also suggests the Falcons tackle position is very thin in depth given these two former tackles were apparently signed to play guard.

    For the first time since 2008 there's a concerted effort to build a good O-line in Atlanta. Not just by building through the draft, as we saw last month, but by development. It's easy, it's a luxury that the Falcons don't need to find a franchise QB and a great, great NFL receiver. Their running back situation is sooooo sweet with two viable NFL stars,...haha if only they weren't Falcons they'd be more famous easily. So when you're set with those skill positions wadda you do? Build the lines baby, whether it be by draft, development for the future or a FA signing like Alex Mack,...

    As usual everyone ignores the O-line,...don't think the O-line has anything to do with FF. Well, the best example of having a good O-line are the Cowboys. With a rookie QB AND RB they won,...13 games? hahaha and both of those guys lead the league in merchandising?,...when it was the O-line that makes them look great?,...both were NFL MVP candidates? hahah both of those boys would've struggled behind, say, the Falcons 2013 and 2014 lines. It would be a totally different story for the boys, damned doubt.

    It's said to be nice to fly under the radar and surprise the biased media based in the NE. Ridiculous notion. They'll NEVER give the Falcons franchise they luv, never ever,...even with a SB win. Look at how the media is recently dog piling on the Saints and they won a SB so there. This Falcons line was injured all to be damned in SB 51, one knows it cause they can't find it in themselves to find excuses for the Falcons like they do they teams. Not sayin' that's why the Crows lost the SB. 28 points is enough to win any game. But in the final quarter and a half the limping line could not open holes in the run game, nor protect Ryan so,...there it is, excuses unless ya wanna blame Shanny for not gettin' those limping guys off the field and put in fresh bodies,...I dunno.

    It was fun to watch this line in '16.

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    How Much You Got Leff in Your Wallet?

    Another great post. Even without a Lamp I can see that Falcons line should be much more than adequate. And now let's see how he and the U.D.F.A. stack up. He's not an U.D.F.A.T. and has demonstrated in Auburn that he's able to develop over time. Wow when I checked out Weaknesses, I saw that the high pick has got an average frame and might not be able to add much more bulk to it.

    Another thing is the Chargers are committed to pay $6,666 thousand to Lamp. How does this compare with the Falcons' sunken asset? By granting this contract they have got themselves over 5 million Leff!

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