The story of the 2017 draft was defensive. After the usual early QB picks it was like every team was intent stocking they Ds,...other than the Saints. And to address this before going into this entry, I wish to tell all my Saints fans friends something. Don't listen, IGNORE those idiots who suggested drafting a tackle in round 1 was stupid. One Saints hater(won't mention his name), went ballistic after that draft pick was announced, some angry black guy and we all saw and heard the rant on video. Idiot. The idiot seems to forget the Saints drafted D in the 2016 draft. The idiot also seems to be ignorant to the game of football. The Saints offense is unique,'s Sean Payton's creation. It requires,, the TEAM requires the offense to be the focus of they team. Remember, the Saint won a SB with the 24th ranked defense that season?

Reason I make this entry in this good Saints forum is cause I find it interesting the media seems to always choose an NFC South team to stomp on. It's hard to dis the Falcons after that loss,...hard to attack the Bucs and Panthers for obvious reasons. The Saints are in a seriously, serious division and since they(Nawlins), be down right now why not kick at a dead horse like they(media based in New York), always do?

I'll tell ya'll Saints friends,...haha some of you aren't friends but that's okay since we be division rivals,...but I'm tellin' ya'll I want the Falcons to sweep the Saints of course BUT,...I want to watch the Saints cause misery to the NFC North and especially the AFC East. Now to me,...that'd be sweet!