Julio Jones can't resist his family's artistic gene. Julio and Migos have teamed up for Champs Sports to collaborate "11 Birds" video premier. Migos has been called the three amigos,...now there's four. Julio is on the right in this pic.

Ya know May 19th is Grace Jone's B-day. She'll be 69 a couple weeks from now. But lots of us agree Julio is Grace's babygran' baby boy. Just look at the resemblance between Julio and the former actress/singer,...

It's unknown why this has been kept quiet. Perhaps there's some thangs that the Jones flamily don't want known, who knows? Grace was a hot item back in the '70's acting in movies, performing in bizarre concerts, she was hot back then so it's natural she was a little wild.

But yeah, Julio is expressing his artistic interest and it be genetic. He's the spittin' image of his granmammy. And we know how important granmammys can be after the Falcons chose Takk and his emotional outburst.

The life of a rapper is rife with women, gold and,...drugs. Not sayin' nuthin' here just it's a fact. Be careful Julio. But in the same thought,...at the time of his life Julio has the right to play during the offseason. Some of us older guys remember those good ole glory days and feeling like you be invincible. More power to Julio. If he makes it as far as some of his older fans he'll look back on his own glory days. And happy, early birthday wishes to his granmammy, Grace.

Oh btw,...there's already talk Migos will definitely be performing at halftime at the new Mercedes Benz Stadium at some point in the season, perhaps at the first Falcons NFL game played in the arena against the Packers.