How in the crap are we football types gonna make it through the Summer? Baseball? College women's softball? Yeah there'll be the Summer mini camps or whatever they're called,...Dan Reeves called them hahaha passing camps on purpose cause contact was prohibited. But as always at this time of year just know time will pass fast and before ya know it training camp will be here. And there still could be late trades, as I've been reading 'bout. btw,...thank goodness the draft is over. But my being a photographer, amateur, pictures are fun to gaze upon and enjoy finding interesting shots and since this is a Falcons forum, by golly, so here's some pics from last season, 4 of 'em.

This boy is in his prime, the Freeman. Remaining healthy another 1,000 yds season is guaranteed. Include a defense playing 4 rookies and 3 2nd year guys last year, literally thrown in the fire, and the more times a defense stops the opposing offense that gives the offense more opportunties,...such as run the damped ball main.

Next the best WR in the NFL. The bodily contortions,...sideline ballets, simply out running DBs,...thank goodness Julio doesn't have a stupid moniker like megatron,...

And lastly this guy. A guy the media was suggesting a bust,...pfffft idiots. Eat those words mediots!

That was fun, hope ya'll enjoyed it. Just a small bite to hold us over til football gets here.