This is amazing. They're already talkin' John Fox on the hot seat?,...on May 1st? Apparently Bears GM Ryan Pace moved up in the draft last weekend w/o informing Fox and it infuriated the head crotch according to an unnamed team official, reported by Jason La Canfora of

Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune writes Pace believes he’s found his version of Drew Brees, although it’s likely damaged the relationship between the GM and presumptive 2017 starting quarterback Mike Glennon. Campbell also notes correctly that Trubisky will eat into the still-raw Glennon’s practice reps resulting in the Bears not getting the optimal version of the passer for whom they gave an $18.5MM guarantee. Remember, Pace was a long time Saints exec and it appears he's trying to build the Bears offense with the Saints template.

An anonymous exec said to La Canfora,..."“Either the Bears know something no one else in the league knows, or that draft just got a lot of people fired only they don’t know it yet.” Oh man, the worst thing is having your GM and HC butting heads. Then amazingly La Canfora speculates Fox's successor?,...Should Pace be allowed to shop for a Fox successor as early as 2018, La Canfora expects Saints OC Pete Carmichael, whose Saints tenure overlapped with Pace’s run in their front office for a nine-year period.

I've always liked John Fox even when he was HC of the Panthers. I tought Carolina fired Fox a season or two too soon but he went on to Denver and had success. The thing is about Fox,...when the GM respects his wishes on player acquisitions Fox can win football games. He took the Panthers to their 1st SB but things soured between Fox and the Panthers front office after that. It happened in Carolina, eventually happened in Denver now happening in Chicago. Personally I'm in Fox's corner on this stuff. A GM trading up w/o consulting the HC is pretty much a slap in the face,...just me.

And all this apparent strife will add to the importance of opening Sunday in Chicago when the Bears host the NFC Champions. This might be fun. I promise ya'll,...John Fox is a verifiable Falcon-killer, keep that in mind.