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Thread: Spirits are HIGH

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    Spirits are HIGH

    Noy sayin' they be smokin' cheeba this mawn but Falcons fans are a gushin' this morning. Sunday is usually a good day to check the pulse of fans. Ya'll other fans in the NFL tribe has to unnerstand Falcons fans are not accustomed to any sort of success, especially long term. These fans of the forlorn Falcons have good reason to be excited cause any fool can look at this Falcons roster and go,...whoa NELLIE!

    Here's the deal,...Dan Quinn is stubbornly stocking the defense like I've never seen happen in Atlanta for 4 decades. The Falcons started three rookies on defense last season. 3 of the first 4 picks this year were DE, LB and CB and two of them may start in 2017, one will certainly start making the Falcons without doubt the youngest defensive unit in the league. btw,...this 3rd round pick, the LB Duke Riley from LSU? This boy lasted til the 3rd? The 1st round edge rusher Takk will most likely start and I predict Riley will start as an interior linebacker this season.

    Only three players, two starters, on defense remain from 2015 when Quinn took the reigns. Talk 'bout some serious purgin' a goin' on, wow.

    There is one pick, to change gears here, who is ummmmm, well, we might wanna keep an eye on the running back from Wyoming, Brian Hill. 5th round pick, small school, 6'1" 220,...ahhhh yessss. It is a fact in short yardage situations like 3rd and 2, 4th and 1 or goal line situations the Falcons usually went with the tougher runner in Tevin Coleman, not so much Freeman the jitter bug back. And Coleman is a tough runner but doesn't have the size in those situations. Brian Hill has the size and is a guy who always makes the first tackler miss. See, I've been eavesdropping on Wyoming fans venues and many of them have said Hill is the best RB in school's history. Just sayin' what they be sayin' is all.

    The thang is he played, or rather he didn't play in the ACC or SEC. Cause I've heard some complaints the Falcons drafted guys from too many small schools,...pfffft. The boy is a beast, not fast, not gonna tear off a 60 yd run. Think people.

    Unlike last season when the Falcons played 4 games out West, there'll only be one West of the Mississippi in Seattle. Most of the away games this year will be up Nawth,...NFC North, AFC East. The mighty Cowboys also visit Atlanta in an intra-conference game so this young defense had best grow up fast. Good defensive play against those teams will be crucial if the Falcons wanna get back to the big game, many, many Falcons fans are a thinkin' in they minds.

    Soon the rookies will report to Flowery Branch for the imposium or whatever they call it. They're gonna be surprised when they see the number of Falcons veteran players at the facility,...every working day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penumbra View Post
    Noy sayin' they be smokin' cheeba this mawn... [or] every working day.
    Ha! The greatest off the cuff Atlanta spellings around the NFL are sitting right here (not to say the board hasn't also got the best of the best content.) I expects lots of outside NFL fan interest in the players on your team this season, especially with the 90% turnover. Keep us posted!

    Draft was good, but not getting Lamp is still lamentable. He ended up in San Diego I think, another crotch for the revered Rivers. BTW P/R had been a highly sought after asset down here in his draft day also, yet another Lamentable Pass by the Fins management. Well meanwhile the really good QB from U/M last season -- I think his name is Brad sounds like Kayak without the last letter -- turns up a Lions guy. Hmm, maybe the Fins can still get a shot at a trade then. We thinks he's going to be pretty good.

    Lamps Plus... If this is any consolation, have at it.
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