As they say 'round here,...there it is. The Falcons brain trust are intent building a serious defense while presently enjoying a talented offense that they feel is set, roster-wise. fine and f****** amazing. Oh didn't ya'll know it's okay to say f*** on live national broadcast? That's what all those f****** Falcons fans are saying, no big f****** deal.

Now comes a late 2nd round pick tonight and if the Crows choose an O-lineman,...mmmmm no damned way, sorry, no f****** way main. Stick to it, staff the defense so deep it'll be sickly strong. It'll be a top 100 pick so there. Gosh danged almighty the Falcons could've had a cornerstone on the right side of the O-line but noooo, f***** hellllll naw. They drafted a boy from Oakland, ya know in callyforny? He learned all the street stuff and appeared determined to get the f*** outta callyforny(his words). So ya'll stop a hatin'on the boy you f******.

There are guys on the present roster who can play right guard. Not dominate but serviceable and as it stands now two of them will compete for the starting job. That's why drafting a lineman makes no sense, that'll be what they do, draft a project lineman. Hell, just trade the 2nd pick, the 4th pick and the 5th pick to move up, why the f*** not? Looks like they're intent to win a Super Bowl like a panting dog anyways.

hmmm,...another edge pass rusher. Seems to me an opposing O-coordinator could run the ball effectively against the Falcons defense as it's being built. The Falcons will be amazingly light weight-wise at linebackers especially. And play a light D-line on passing downs,...THAT'S when the opposing offense can run the ball effectively. Ya know, the draw and maybe screen passes which can catch a defense madly rushing up field with they pants down. Well anyway just a wunnerin' there and btw,'s a f****** fine morning!