He's at it again. It's been a couple days ago and believe me I didn't see it originally cause I refuse to watch espen nor the nfln. So a buddy sent me this and I just hahahaha. Heath Evans,...what is up wif you boy? I wonder if Evans knows what a git is,...

git (ɡɪt)
1. a contemptible person, often a fool
2. a bastard
[C20: from get (in the sense: to beget, hence a bastard, fool)]

Contemptible and foolish describes this boy's rants when he talks 'bout the Crows. And no,...Heath ain't in my het. Most of us expect the barbs after the loss in SB 51. But maybe it's best to recognize the fools from those whom are football puristas, juuuuuust to know friend or foe in the future.

So Heath was asked if the Cowboys and Patriots would beat the Falcons this year,...here in hahaha late April. Regarding the Cowboys visit to Atlanta he said, "This team (Falcons) I’m skeptical about." Well well,...so he dodged the question which is almost like a lie. Heath did predict an 8-8 Cowboys 2017 season which is curious. And amazingly, and if I didn't see the clip no way I'd have believed a paid talking head in the media would say that, well,...Evans said he expects a 16-0 Patriots season, I swear, saw it and was amazed cause he MEANT IT!

So he predicts the Pats beat the Falcons saying, "I’m telling you, Falcons fans you know I hate you.*Minus Shanahan this is a different team."

Told ya'll these self-consumed media types KNOW 'bout how they are perceived by the 'lil peeps. Well, I don't hate a former steroid baby who cheated to play NFL football cause he couldn't compete w/o help of such. But he's welcome to hate me,...I'll use it to my benefit. And the best thang is to think of this buffoon as a flying **** at a rolling doughnut, aimless waste of time unless used for entertainment purposes. haha

Minus Shanahan,...a different team? That'd be a graspin' fo straws cause after leading the NFL in offense one season everyone knows it'd be hard to repeat that the next year,...lazy, simple-minded GIT. Check out Heath's preseason pick of how the Falcons would do in 2016,...HAHA! 5-11,...and it turned out to be 11-5.