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    Back in Black

    This is just for nflfans. Man it's slow right now unless you be mocking which is all speculation. So thought I'd do some pics of Back in Black stuff. I adore the black jerseys with the red helmet but the hat will always be black from now on per NFL uniform rules. Teams like the iggles and panties wore black cause of racial stuff which is stupid. The Falcons original jersey color was black, 1966.

    ahhhh, the great Tommy Nobis. If he had played with most any other team he'd have been a HOFamer. This guy is a HOFamer,...

    The great neion deion, prime time,...a guy who said the Falcons was run with a "plantation mentality." I'll never forgive peion for saying that. Sanders held out 4 games after being drafted in 1989. The first time he touched the ball in the NFL on a punt return against the Rams, a week #5 game was which over, Sanders ran it back for a TD. But the Falcons at that point in the season were done. Sanders could've made a difference in those first 5 games of the '89 season but no,...was not to be, at least in Atlanta. As a Falcon Sanders enjoyed only one playoff season as a Falcon then went on to San Fran and Dallas to win winning SB rings.

    So here's a guy who just might be HOFame material,...

    It still mystifies the arguments amongst the talking heads in the media 'bout whether Matty is elite or not,...huh? Again it's either bias or stupidity. And then there's young Falcons who have that thar bright future,...

    ho hum,'s a rainy Sunday in late April and football just cain't git here sooooon enough. Especially when thangs look so positive with regards to team talent, overall depth to boot and a quality coaching staff. Guess I could watch the Braves today,...ewww boring baseball.

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