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Thread: We get the business part

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    We get the business part

    At first glance the Falcons '17 sched ain't that bad, kinda funky but not bad. Every month it's like the Falcons play the NFC North in September, AFC East in October and then divisional matchups in December. And to me that's cool,...ya gotta play a 16 game schedule so how the sched plays out is non-sequitur. But,...hahaha the old *but* again.

    It works out well for three Falcons opponents this season, Vikings, Bucs and the danged Seahawks. geeesh another game in Seattle already set up for a Falcons loss. Well, that game is on Monday night and the Hawks will have eleven days to prepare, rest, heal for the Falcons thanks to TNFootball. I dunno, but through the years it seems the NFL has marketed the Hawks as much as the rest of the usual(s) teams. The Vikings will enjoy a mini-bye before traveling to Atlanta thanks to TNFootball. That's not too bad from a Falcons perspective but,...then the Falcons host the Buccaneers after their bye which causes me to say, mmm mmm mmm.

    Some Falcons fans were complaining that the Falcons will face a division foe 5 outta the final 6 games of the season. Whoa now,...the Patriots do as well. Several things determine the sched like position in the playoffs, Championship games which cause more prime time appearances which jumbles the sched. The Patriots have five prime time games this year. One of those is hosting the Falcons in a SB 51 rematch, week #7.pffft Both the Pats and Falcons will open the season against intra-conference opponents. Pats and Chiefs, Falcons AT Chicago.

    Last season was fun. This year I'm excited hosting the Vikes, Packers and playing in Chicago in Septemberhahah and going to play at the Jets, hosting the Bills and DOLPHINS! And the usual cat fights with Carolina and arrr matey those scurvy dogs, the Bucs.

    Like the 10 Commandments the NFL 2017 is set in stone for now.

    EDIT,...I was remiss in not mentioning the *thorn* which are the Saints,...always great games.

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    So Fins are knocking heads 3 times this year against last season's Super Bowl teams. That's a good marketing strategy as long as they show up competitively. It's good y'all got them NFC North games done early.

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