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Thread: Pack Fans, back to Atlanta 2017

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    Pack Fans, back to Atlanta 2017

    It's nice to see people posting again with class here at this great site. You guys are always welcome at the SUPERBIRDS forum and you are relevant. Bet you outwork all those who got off work while your vacation request was denied. Yeah, lots of people read the shout. But anyway, as you know the NFC North faces the NFC South this year.

    I really don't like researching say, the media in San Fran or Dallas or Nawlins, but what I learn most about other teams is visiting message boards. It takes less time and you're seeing invested fans express thangs. Of course there's always trolls and idiots but ya can see a similar view from a majority of those fans and those are the ones ya really know it's real. Did that make sense?

    It's funny but the Packers and Falcons have a long history. And it was mostly all Packers, especially during the Favre years. Guess what? It's uncertain who'll be the visiting team when the new stadium opens in Atlanta. It could be the Cowboys or the Packers,...maybe Nawlins but it's a toss up between the Pack and Boys, per rumors.

    I'll check some Packers boards and see if you agree with them,...maybe in August. Anyway, welcome back Packers to Atlanta this year. No frozen tundra like back on January 3, 2003.

    It would be so nice to create a message board community with friendly people, those w/o agenda, with regard to other's feelings. It's difficult to find that but when it works ya get more participation and then ya ain't gotta go to other sites for info as much. Take the Rams forum here,...all RamBill does is post media stuff but is consistent. The Rams forum is second only to the Jets Addict forum here in participation. And cause of RamBill I know more 'bout the Rams than lots of Rams fans.haha But anyway,...tell ya what man,...be a Falcons fan for three games in 2017. Lions, Bears and that other team, who are they?,...oh yeah the Steelers, no wait,...that other team. A team ya'll best keep an eye on.

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    Thanks Pen. Yeah were opening your new stadium....That's not even fair
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