As said before, it's amazing the media's obsession with NFL players money matters. I've noticed two things through the years. One is, they always side with the player and never the franchise paying him. And they absolutely crave contractual drama like holdouts and demands to be traded and again usually side with the player. espen's McClure, the network's Falcons beat writer reports two unsigned players arrived in Flowery Branch. Taylor Gabriel, #3 WR(6TDs in '16) and starting safety Ricardo Allen safety reported for a pre-draft light work out. I have no idea the reason scheduling these gatherings unless it's to see which players will threaten holding out or somethimg before the draft so a team can try to deal the guy for picks, I dunno. Anyway here's what McClure wrote 'bout Ricardo Allen,...

Allen, a former fifth-round pick, has an argument to receive a significant pay raise as a starter and team leader, but the safety has no real negotiating power as an exclusive rights free agent. His tender amount is $690,000.

argument eh? Always looking for dirty laundry and it's just a 'lil obvious. All that and the guy misses the whole damped thang man. It's like these guys cannot force themselves to see the positive in situations which literally blinds them to the truth. This guy has been around the Falcons for over a year as a beat writer and still misses it cause of his desire for internal strife.

The truth is we're seeing something that happens to close-knit teams. Not to disparage a great franchise but it reminds me of the 1970's Steelers. Chuck Knoll created an environment in which it was all on the players and they responded with great classic performances. Don Schula also achieved this important facet of football. haha Apparently the "team concept" resulting in winning is still alive. It works in all sports except golf. Hell, even NASCAR teams are close-knit.

McClure also, after reporting the disgust of Falcons players for losing the way they did in SB 51, didn't mention these guys are HONGRY to win it all this year. That's why it was a joke the NFL not scheduling the Falcons to open the season in Boston cause I swear the Falcons would rout them.