Something jumped out when reading the latest Falcons news. Looks like the Cowboys and Falcons are willing to trade up,...and perhaps for the same draftee.

DE Derek Barnett, from U of Tennessee, worked out for the Cowboys last week after working out for the Falcons a few days before. In fact, the Falcons have quietly been working out guys who'll never reach the 31st pick. btw,...the Cowboys have the 28th choice. Some draft gurus have Barnett being picked around 15, some say around 25,...who knows? Some say the 31st pick and a 3rd round pick won't entice but rather it's gonna take a 2nd round pick along with the 31st to move up,...I agree with dat.

It's no secret the Falcons aren't skeered to trade up after the deal with the Browns to draft Julio Jones. Jones cost, was it 4 or 5 picks?, least 4 I think. The deal with the Browns was criticized but the criticism turned into zipped lips after Julio started toasting cornerback's buns. Add that Thomas Dimitroff threw the chum bait in the water by openly declaring the Falcons are willing to talk trade long before the draft and there ya are.

As we know, these trade talks begin long before the draft. When agreements are consummated is unknown, of course, secrecy. Agreements could be a week before the draft or during the actual draft. We little people(fans), will have to wait 'til draft day to learn what'll happen. The question comes to mind,...which team do the Falcons deal with? I think the Browns aren't a likely partner after gettin' burned for years by the Falcons front office. It's highly unlikely the Falcons deal with the Panthers, Bucs, Saints but have had a historically amiable relationship with the Redskins, so we'll see soon enough.

I tend to avoid predictions regarding the NFL. What's that thingie,...when ya do something wrong over and over it means you're a nut or something like that. And to keep my self esteem after being so wrong so many times, and after what happened in Super Bowl 51,...damn mock drafts, power rankings and fantasy stuff. However,...I will say there's some evidence of heavy tradin' a comin' on down. Might be an interesting draft.