Well it's a slow time for NFL football so all we have to talk 'bout is the Falcons uniform. The Falcons roster is set before the draft and including trading up, the Falcons draft will be a ho hum type thingie. The thang Falcons fans are a talkin' 'bout is uniform change for the grand opening of the new stadium.

Lots of speculation is going on out there,...ya know people citing NFL rules regarding uniforms and all that. Apparently the Falcons have hired entities like NIKE to design a new uniform.

Not bad,...traditional but hey, we ain't livin' in 1969 anymore.

Well that's better than the color rush uniform, which I won't post because it's a joke and I wish they'd just go away, but they won't.

Guess we'll never see the red helmets again even when wearing throwbacks. The NFL placed a rule in which the color of the helmet must always be the same color, even when wearing throwbacks. That's why the Falcons wore throwbacks from the Jerry Glanville era, back in black, last season. So we'll never see those wunnerful red hats again.<sigh>

Personally, the Falcons unis since 2004 look like a clown suit. When the Falcons changed unis in 2004 I was glad the jersey went back to red but they should've returned the hat back to red as well. In 13 seasons wearing the back in black unis, from 1990 to 2003, the Falcons won 1 NFC Championship,...and that's it. 9 of those years the Falcons didn't make the playoffs. Call it superstition but those unis were another Falcons curse. And that leads me to this,...

PLEASE change the uniforms. yeah, yeah a franchise must request a uni change THREE YEARS before the planned change by NFL rule. But that's a bunch of horse poop. The NFL bends rules they make. Seems the Lions and Titans are changing unis for this season before that 3 year period. But please change the Falcons uniform at all cost.

Some of us are still trying to bury the memory of Super Bowl 51 and that would help the,...ummm,...healing maybe.