These people are delusional,...amazing idiocy,...and paid money to be idiots?

Former NFL coach Eric Mangini thinks if the Seahawks decide to trade cornerback Richard Sherman, a good fit could be Atlanta. On Fox Sports’ ‘Speak for Yourself’ on Wednesday, the*Sherman trade rumors*were discussed along with the report that the asking price for Sherman has*dropped*in negotiations with the Seahawks.

"To me, it's where's the relationship between (Seahawks coach Pete Carroll), the organization and Richard at this point? Has it gotten to where there's too much water under the bridge and they have to move on?

Wait,...remember this guy you idiot????

And that might be why the price has come down. I also think that a great landing spot for him would be in Atlanta with Dan Quinn. That system, a coordinator who had him. If I see that trade take place, that to me makes a lot of sense,” Mangini said.

mmm, mmm. mmmmmm,...what to say? These people say things which are rife with ignorance. I just dunno anymore 'bout peeps anymore. A former player Heath Evans,...a former head crotch of the Jets, Niners and Browns both say the Falcons should acquire, or rather, suggest Sherman would be a great addition to the Falcons, same thang.

The Falcons used $8 mil to sign a DT, Poe. A few months ago they signed, extended, the #2 corner Robert Alford and signed Desmond Trufant to a huge contract last week. The Hawks' price has come down for Sherman and there's a reason for that. He's simply a self-absorbed, overrated cornerback,...juuuuuust like Josh Norman now a Redskin. And both Evans and Mangini say the reason Atlanta is a good fit is because Dan Quinn was the Hawks' D-coor? Is that the only reason idiots?

Sherman enjoyed covering whilst the Hawks has arguably the best D-line/LBs in the NFL. Lately?, the Hawks D-line dwindled in dominance? Sherman is an average cover corner with great stats due to the talent overall on D he's enjoyed until now.

Other than giving up draft pick(s) the Falcons salary cap would be extinguished for years even when the money is prorated through years.

Maybe the Falcons do acquire Sherman, shuffling a set D-backfield,...and if they do I assure you most Falcons fans won't be happy overall. Of course there'll be those who'll say Sherman will help win a Super Bowl.

The Falcons have a chance to build a perennial winning football team. If, like in the past, the Crows wanna be suckers for the quick reward then fine. Trade the future away for a washed up player then.