So much for Heath Evans suggesting the Falcons trade for Sherman. Sources: Desmond Trufant has agreed to massive 5-year contract extension w/the #Falcons. Deal is worth $69M w/nearly $42M guaranteed. 6:34 AM - 8 Apr 2017 Jordan Schultz.

Trufant, known as Tru, is one of those cornerbacks who doesn't talk garbage and during games he *disappears*. He disappears cause the opposing QB/O-coor knows not to throw it his way so since everyone watches the ball he's not seen blanketing top WRs in the league. Tru wears #21 and any Falcons CB wearing that number had best be a shutdown.

Oh and btw, Tru is a guy who can tackle well defending the run game, a tough guy,...with speed.

Now the secondary is set for some time to come. It's a deeeeeep, young unit but then so is the entire Falcons defense. Something Dan Quinn has done is get these kids together with this brotherhood stuff which is cool I guess. But it sure do look like Quinn lets older players go and replacing them with, Remember Roddy White?

In 2017 there will be zero players remaining from the 2014 front seven on the defensive roster. Only two remain in the secondary,...Tru and Robert Alford. That's quite a turnover and shows Quinn's plan for the D is juuuuust a 'lil bit different than we've seen during the Mike Smith years.

Wow,...$40 mil guranteed, oh and back to Heath Evans' dementia. He forgot 'bout this,...Big deal: Falcons signing CB Robert Alford to a four-year, $38 million extension that includes $21 million guaranteed, per league sources. 9:40 AM - 8 Dec 2016 Adam Schefter Note the year Heathie? Sherman?hahapfffffft