I trust what Panthers fans say,...ahem, unless they're talkin' 'bout the Falcons.haha Well, that's expected from everyone when they're talkin' 'bout they division opponents. So no foul there in my mind. But perusing Panthers boards,...hmmmm. Seems their franchise QB best have a great 2017 or else?

There's been several Panthers sites with threads 'bout Newton. My goodness,...should I tell here in a Falcons forum some of the opines? lol I KNOW some of you Crows fans would enjoy it, but I don't. I remember David Archer, Chris Miller, Jeff George and the Vickster. All franchise QBs which left bad taste.

It's really hard to not be ugly about this guy. He doesn't behave like a, is it 7 or 8 year vet? He has problems with post game interviews when the Panthers lose but not like say, Manning or Ryan. At least they stand up and take the medicine.

Truthfully,...I am not comfortable entering this post. I know most Falcons fans would be like smiling dogs but not me. I remember well when the Jags and Panthers were born. haha bet I know more 'bout the 1997 Panthers than most of they fans do! The first reg season game the Panthers played in their existence was against the Falcons,...and the game went into OT!

I dunno ya'll Panthers fans. Ya'll see what's what just like everyone. Question,...if Newton hasn't grown up, rather matured, after so many seasons will he ever? A magnificent athlete he is. But if ever there was a former NFL QB who won games juuuuust like Newton and never grew up was Donnie McNabb. Even after retirement McNabb on espen acted like a boy. It was actually humorous,...as I always say, you gotta be who you are.

This is a subject crucial to the Falcons success in 2017. There's Brees and Winston, and btw, Winston is NOT a running QB. He's a pocket passer,...damned idiots always looking at skin color instead of fact.

hmmmm,...basically Newton should go to *work* and fast and quit wearing all that,...wierd stuff,...I know who he needs. Something to really get back to basics,...