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Thread: Gundy,...worth the try?

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    Gundy,...worth the try?

    Falcons fans are salivating, some are saying bust. He's 6' 6" and has been called a beast, physically, by some scouts and coaches. Some say he was playing in the wrong position, others say he wasn't allowed to receive more snaps, which is curious him being a top 10 draft pick. I'm not well informed with the Dolphins, admitting.

    The way I perceive if the Dolphins can release this guy,...well, he does love the pot thus his problem,...haha like no other player in the league smokes the cheeba on a regular basis. But if the Dolphins can let this guy go?,...not trying to save him?

    Well, I'm looking at a solid Dolphins defense.

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    Yea have at it. The Fins have cut D/J, a former No. 3 pick of the previous regime. I sure hope he doesn't end up with the Jets or Pats or Bills.

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    Turns out the Seahawks got D/J. Meanwhile Fins cut I.A.Q. to allow for Nate Allen, the former Iggy.

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    Yep... Fins have Nate Allen but now as to how they figure to close the gap at D/E. They'll go daft of they don't draft well this time. Rumors are tis going to be either T's Derek Barnett or this guy Charlie Harris to fill the shoes left by Dion Jordon. If neither pans out by pick 22 then I hope they gets a big lineman.

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