It's close to 2AM,...woked up from a dream, sweating. Dreamed the Falcons were up 25 points with 23 minutes left in the Super Bowl and it was, hell it was dreamy, like a warm fuzzy happy feeling, finally there'd be closure for all the lost seasons being a freaking cursed fan of his cursed NFL franchise. And then the dream changed.

In the dream, for the rest of the game it was like I was unable to move or say anything, essence the warm fuzzy dream turned into a night mare. Unable to move, almost like being in shock hell, didn't really hurt that bad cause when you in shock that's expected.

Guess it's a learning experience. Before SB 50 I warned Panthers fans, when they allowed me to post in they forum, that the worst feeling in the whole wide wurl is for your team to lose the Super Bowl. I'll be damned if that feeling has finally set in after the night of February 5th 2017. So I ate my advice and words.

There's some NFL fans I sympathize with to some degree. The Panthers have lost 2 SBs, their first SB appearance Carolina lost to the Patriots in 2004. But imagine being a long time(old man), Bills fan. 4 SB appearances, no wins,...eww. They don't deserve the sympathy but there's the Eagles who had they chance. Add the Saints. They win a Super Bowl and never even get close after that, what the frig is up wid dat? I always reason a SB win would be sweet cause of all the losing for so many years. But hell man, what if it never happens? Maybe Obama could become advisor to the Falcons for some damped hope and change horse bahooty type rhetoric I dunno.

There's an old story that in order to build the old Atlanta Fulton County Falcons stadium they had to move peoples living round there. One was an old woman, a Geechie. voo doo woman. Lore holds that she placed a curse on the Falcons. Hell, I believe it now. People hate the Falcons, hate the fans for whatever reason whilst the Falcons give no one a reason to like them. I like lots of NFL teams, the Jags, the Tits, Bills, Dolphins, Raiders, even the Bucs to some degree,...the Saints, Rams, Panthers w/o the cross dresser, Cardinals so not hating so much could ease this curse,...haha maybe.

The movement of franchises, and btw, the Raiders move puts them in close proximity to Denver. It's a relatively short drive from Denver to Las Vegas,...something to consider with that AFC West rivalry. But the recent movement of franchises proves we little people aren't so important in the grand scheme of things. That's a shame cause some of us have invested money and worse time out of our lives supporting a freaking sports team.

Sleep well tonight Broncos**** and F******. You guys know the sweet taste. Lucky ass Broncos and Packers fans BUT! No need dwelling in envy. In life everything's earned, well, for most monkeys like me anyways. Okay,...'nuff bitching. Ya know, sometimes it's theraputical to complain but way back in the subconscious is this question lingering, it a curse?