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Thread: Overacheivers?

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    The football is not completely round. It's, well, prone to those unexpected bounces. The 2016 Fins season, with 10-6 and a playoff berth, is no different. Statistically, the O-D teams rank 17th & 18th point wise, that is mediocre at best. Yard-wise they are 24th & 29th. Ugh!

    Buffalo did better, 10th & 16th point-wise and 16th - 19th by yardage. Even Jets, well, I can't say they're any better scoring but a look at the yardage reveals a 10th-ranked D and their ground & pound is so much better than the Fins you wonder how we swept.

    IMO the D got us in those close games. The O/C was bright. With Vance Joseph out coaching at Denver where do we go from here?

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    Call me a purist, call me a Trumpist(not), call me nostalgic, call me anything cuz I'm used to being labeled,...the Dolphins are in an archaic division with one dominant franchise,...go back to basics dammit.

    You mention "overachievers" which is what the media muppet heads tend to label white athletes in the NFL. This guy was an overachiever,...

    As ya know, I preach every single NFL roster has the talent to win 10-12 games in essence saying all teams have the ability to make the playoffs. Yeah, there's always teams like the 2016 Browns and Niners and who knows?,...they may turn things around quick in today's NFL, never know. But when ya get a "no name defense" and these overachievers anything is possible,...

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    I really like those three Fins RB's from 1971-2 and the pic of Zonk is classic. Looks like he just knocked over Langer. But that's, well, back to the ground & pound even with #21 mainly catching passes. #12 had a rag arm man, it was Warfield getting open that provided much needed space.

    That's why I like the Fins for re-signing your old Saint receiver, Kenny Stills. Guy had 9 TD's last season man, more than any other including J/L.

    What's more, the Fins have latched on to a possession T.E. and a blocking T.E. Not quite sure why they exchanged Dion Sims for Julius Thomas, though. They both had 4 TD's last season, and Sims is a little bigger.

    Besides that, they're loading up on the Front to stack up the D.

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