Lobster, filet minyawn, sliced and cooked medium rare covered with something. Caviar, fish ovulations,...champagne, pronounced sham pagg knee in the South. The owners, all those rich sobs will have the usual Spring meeting in less than a week at a fine, well-to-do venue in Pheenix Airazona. My goodness, what would it be like to live that life? More power to them. I've never been jealous of rich folks, never will. Fact is most NFL owners are highly invested in they franchises,...and I mean highly. There a few which I won't name, whom are so damp rich it's a toy to them. shhhhh,...jacksonville and tampa? oops said wasn't gonna mention names.

But good for Arizona,...Phoenix having that big race last Sunday and the next week holding an NFL competition committee meeting to discuss rules changes.

So here comes rules to be passed we ordinary fools won't learn of until it comes to pass during a game next season. Oh yeah,...how many times something comes up during a game and they say,..."that's a new rule passed back at the owners meeting?" *diversion* from the focal point perhaps,...typical deceptive politics.

Competition committee to propose 10-min overtimes,...the committee will propose reducing both preseason and regular-season overtime periods from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. Postseason games would keep the traditional 15-minute time limit. Why the proposal? The committee believes there is a "real disadvantage" for a team playing an entire 15-minute overtime period before having to turn around and play a Thursday night game the following week.

OMYGAWD!!!! Now it's a disadvantage to play a football game with just almost 4 days rest? hahaha There's something more to this and it's like,...who the frig knows? The "leak" from some lady at TNFLN also insinuated that,...In addition, ******** reported the committee also will propose to have officials, probably the referee, to be phased in to full-time positions by 2020.

hmmmm,...thought the refs created they own union,...I may be misinformed. And in redundantcy here's already a rule,...According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the competition committee is expected to propose a ban of defensive players leaping over the line to try to block kicks, and the measure could come up for a vote at next week’s owner’s meetings.

haha the Chiefs got away with that which cost the Falcons a win last year. There's already a rule in place no defender on a FG/Xtra point try is allowed to cover, hover over or anything nor hit the snapper. haha guess they make all the rules they want when officials,...are very human.