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Last offseason Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan orchestrated a players-only passing camp for team members. Ryan invited a group of approximately 27 players. Following last season’s evolution into one of the most high-powered offenses in league history, the franchise quarterback is extending his invitation list. This year’s camp will include linemen, kickers and skill players. Dan Quinn again has no reservations about the players-only camp and is, in fact, excited about the proposition. “I know there will be a huge turnout amongst the whole team. It kind of shows the strength of Brotherhood and that they have the willingness to get better. It’s going to be a big group that’s down there(in Florida) . . . It kind of lights me up in a big way that they are going to go down and spend the time together even before we start.”

The voluntary investment of these players’ personal time in order to better themselves as a unit speaks to the “brotherhood” that coach Quinn has established during his short reign in Atlanta.


I'm not one to promote slogans, TD dances or sack celebrations. Seems in time the TD dance, dirty bird dance for instance which has been mocked since 1998, will be thrown back up in yo face eventually. Oh there was the "steel curtain" and the "killer B's" and the "pack attack" and all that. Well, we're hearing lots 'bout this "brotherhood" stuff so we'll see how it goes.

Last year in Ft. Lauderdale(at a how scrool field), there were mostly QBs, WRs, DBs and a couple LBs at this camp. To get the big guys out there means something special, I promise.

So how long before either the NFL Player's Union or Goodell bans players-only camps? Knowing the NFL's disdain it's plausable.

Let's just hope no one gets hurt,...sorry I'm a worrier. But too these athletes are gonna be playing basketball and doing physical stuff allllll Summer long so no need to worry 'bout that, yeah right. But if a guy gets hurt it's very likely the NFL steps in,...perhaps the Falcons player-only camps should've been kept as secret as this unmanned craft,...X37