Apparently the guy is working this off season.

espnee's Vaughn McClure, the network's *beat writer* for the Falcons haha addressed the "issue" of Devonte Freeman playing for just $1,850,000 mil this upcoming season. McClure was eager in his piece to point out the Steelers RB Bell will be paid,...$12 mil this year? That's juuuuuuust a little absurd.

Yeah, it's a slow time for news or just 'bout anything worth mentioning other than speculation. But c'mon man, we Falcons fans are weary of the bs. It's almost like NFL journalists are intent to see franchises spend as much money on contracts as possible.

But in the same piece Freeman was so great,...humble. Just lemme cut this to the quick for you outsiders. Arthur Blank takes care of the players and coaches in a way a guy like McClure should've seen in his short time covering the Falcons exclusively. Simply put,...the Falcons will not trade Free,...will not even consider it, PERIOD. What does it take for these people to trust what others say? Thomas Dimitroff/Arthur Blank are on record saying Free will be a Falcon for a long time, so why waste my time? Hell, why am I wasting other's time with this?

Here's a lil secret,...when Falcons players sign big contracts, have a career ending injury, they are still PAID! Two Falcons were recently drafted in the 1st round, tackle Sam Baker and DT Jerious Perry some years ago. They both RETIRED after playing just a few seasons and were both paid. Perry had one season left when he retired but was still paid. Baker received an hefty extension, played half the season due to injury then retired and was paid handsomely.

So the *myth* players when injured are immediately not given a dime again is a,...joke of a myth. I'll tell ya who when fired or released doesn't get a dime after the fact are assistant NFL coaches.

Free ain't a goin no damped where. When the Falcons get past the draft and seeing what's left in the salary pool a decision will be made. This is very similar to when Julio was entering the final year of his rookie contract. haha the media was abuzzzzzz, like, why hasn't Julio demanded an extension???

Oh well, maybe McClure is working, filling a page with words. It's easy to do, write inciting and less-than-insightful stuff during a slow period. Hey, I know,...we can talk about uniforms until the draft. gawd the Seahawks have uglee unis. Come to think of it any uni with orange is just uglee. But I give the Dolphins a pass since their unis are mostly white.