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    aberration star fishing

    It's fascinating to read general NFL fans' stuff about the direction of they teams on soshal meteor, absolutely amazing. And in a good way. Not all NFL teams @ have message boards anymore which is sad,...a certain sign of the times. There are private boards for every team but extremely protected forums. Personally I prefer message boards(with spell-check like nflfanshahaha), cause ya have time to *hone* your thoughts so to say. And not make a fool of yourself like people who spout things out they mouth with emotion.

    Yep, I been guilty of trying to influence Falcons player acquisitions and releases. Not that I have any weight with the current Falcons. It's certain those guys dealing with players, agents, owners, THE NFL, definitely the idiots in the media consider we fans as,...ahem sorry, IDIOTS

    So fine. If ya read average NFL fans' posts it's sometimes like,...ummmm, okay there. In any public forum *we* must be nice, respectful of everyone's opinion. What tickles me is the average NFL fan knows more 'bout lots of things mo and better than the media. Such is the analysis of trends regarding the Super Bowl.

    History proves again the folly of man. It's been over 4 decades since a team won a SB after losing one the previous year. The Cowboys beat the Dolphins in SB 6 after losing to the Baltimore Colts in SB 5. Then the Dolphins won SB 7 AND SB VIII. Since then losers in the SB are pretty much destined to be losers. Oh there was that Jim Kelly/Marv Levy Bills bunch hahaha which reminds me what someone asked,..."would you be happy if the Falcons made it to three Super Bowls but still lost?" swear to gawd I had no answer, amazed the question was even asked.

    **We're straight on the O-line thread @ ****** and ya'll @ THE note***** the defense is set. The vision that took the Falcons to the SB on the backs of 8 defensive rookies, 2nd and 3rd year players is for now, lost on the all-knowing nflnetwork types, unfortunate. It's such a shame time must be spent repeating obvious aspects but in a way it's still fun instructing ya'll,...haha in a special way. Oh yeah,...history.

    No NFL city has hosted a Super Bowl when their team appeared in it. It's like a pendulum, that thar hiss toe ree and what is it,...oh yeah that thar MO mentum(in a franchise kind of way).

    ewww, that's creepy. But this goes back to my attempt to calm minds and geeesh!,'s still March ya'll. Free agency?,...signed a DE from the Rams and that's it. Lost a fine backup swing tackle and a decent WR but that's it. And again ya gotta repeat things over and over in today's society.hahaha even lies repeated turn into truths in some minds.

    Now it's on to late April, the draft. Hey, if the Falcons are gonna be the Patriots-South, no wait sorry the Falcons are now the Seahawks-South and was the Niners-South or something like that once, we should expect a great draft class, picks defined as *depth makers* in a huge way. Picks 31 and 62 will be fascinating,...unless there's a wholesale trading of picks for a targeted player,...a la the Julio Jones trade.

    History,...and all we have until Fall is basketball ugggh and high priced boys of Summer. Oh yeah, there's soccer too,...badminton, beach volley ball, ugggh and boat races and the nascar thing. pffffft,...see ya'll later. gotta go fishin'

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