It's a pleasure to see strong consensus amongst Falcons fans. We're a little tired of hearing Matthew Ryan is overpaid, sick and tired of those idiots at espnee and thenflnee say Matty ain't no "elite QB" type crap. The idiots were touting a rookie QB for 2016 NFL MVP? Some mediats voted for a rookie RB! The general media in this country was laughed at by Europe and Asia and the East for years. Now American citizens are laughing at the pompous buffoons.

Every negative has been said 'bout Matty for years. I'll never forget when the Falcons drafted him #3 overall in 2008. I was elated but all we heard from the media was, "he's gonna get shell-shocked" bulls***. And I mean from multiple talking heads, was like a mantra. Funny a guy named Joe Flacco started as a rookie too in Baltimore but nuthin' was said 'bout he gettin' shell-shocked,...hmmmm. Matty was 2008 Rookie of the Year, remember?

As recent as 2014 the media suggested Matty's arm strength appeared weakening. Some idiot Falcons fans fell for the lie. It just so happens in 2014 and 2015 the Falcons O-line was so awful it forced the Falcons passing game to be dink, dink, dink cause Matty simply had no time to throw the ball. Then he still passed for over 4,500 yds. hahaha btw, Matt Ryan has passed over 4,000 yds for SIX straight seasons. The last 5 seasons he's passed for over 4,500 yds. He came within 54 yds last season to hit the 5,000 yds mark. Arm strength? Shell-shocked?

My goodness,...Matty passes for 4,500 yds in 2015 and even Falcons fans were suggesting, gawd I can't believe it,...said they would trade Matty??? It's scary cause these people may be able to vote or drive a car. Fact is these people have been spoiled. They forget the 50% Mike Vick completion ratio. And that may be it,...these Matty haters must be Vick fans,...well, Vick is gone idiots.

Matty holds every single franchise passing record, a fact. And we haven't seen a QB like this guy since waaaaay back in the 80's,...

ahhhhh,...look at that throwing motion. It was rumored Steve Bartkowski could lay on his back and throw the football 100 yds,...yep remember that when I was a kid. The three strongest arms I've EVER seen are Bart's, Vick's and John Elway's cannon(add Brett Favre when he was younger). In 11 years Bart passed for just over 24,000 yds as a Falcon,...he had over 600 yds in a short stint with the LA Rams. In 9 years Matty has passed for 37,701 yds and if remains healthy will easily top 40,000 yds passing which is a huge NFL benchmark. Goodness, if Bart played in the pass happy NFL of today, whew. But it was a different game back then,...

Bart, the Iowa boy who played college in California,...1st overall pick 1975, was a great, great Atlanta Falcon and NFL QB. He never saw the respect and still doesn't. Dunno if cause he's a Falcon but those of us who saw the guy live,...amazing deep accuracy on throws. Poor boy didn't play on very good teams is all.

I'm tellin' some of ya'll Falcons fans, ya'll got it good with Matty and juuuuust wait til he gets old, or can't play for some reason and you'll be wishing he was back with his career 65% pass completions and his 95 QB rating. Note the difference in release between Bart and Matty,...2016 NFL Most Valuable Player.