Some of ya'll purists are gonna like this, and a lot. Daniel Quinn is changing thangs down thar in Flowery Branch.

Remember when Michael Vick was allowed to miss OTAs? Remember the limo waiting with the AC going, waiting for a training camp practice to get over and Vick dashing to it and it squeals tires to who knows where,...a dog fight maybe?, front of fans? I've seen the video and it was just amazing. That was Jim Mora JR's fault, but in fairness he inherited Vick from Reeve's regime who did the same thing.

Then there's when Mike Smith did this with John Abraham and especially Tony Gonzales. Good grief, Gonzo showed up at training camp completely outta shape each and every year as a Falcon. He simply would not attend OTAs at all and it showed early in the season. Granted by week #2 Gonzo had played himself into shape but that's not the point.

Well boys and girls there's a somewhat new, unique application I've noticed, psychology that Dan Quinn has applied and after 2 seasons it's looking like a genius move.

Quinn has stressed this "Brotherhood" thing and Falcons players have responded wonderfully. The media has asked lots of Falcons players 'bout the brotherhood and they all say it's a part of each and every player, COACH and management. Basically and honestly it seems to me Quinn is attempting to get rid of the past. Ya know, that ugly Falcons history? To do that will require building league-wide respect.

Well, the first thing Quinn did was around this time last year. He ordered the Falcons locker room to be redesigned. The actual lockers were reduced in size opening the floor so guys could see every other team mate. There was room for recliners and ping pong tables. But what's interesting is this Falcons emblem in the locker room,...

It is forbidden to place your foot on the emblem. That includes the media as espn's Doug McClure learned. Players told him not to walk on the Bird. haha And when Dwight Freeny was signed with his career 122.5 sacks he messed up and walked on the Bird, was immediately confronted by three guys and told don't do dat boy. hahah a 35 yrs old HOFamer, well, Freeny verified the incident to the espn boy McClure and no one is walkin' on dis burd anymore. Except the Patriots.

So that leads to what Quinn said yesterday to sports writers,...By Alex Marvez**
INDIANAPOLIS ó If defensive end Dwight Freeney wants to play in Atlanta in 2017, he needs to decide sooner than later. Falcons head coach Dan Quinn says he would welcome Freeneyís return for a 16th NFL season. However, Quinn is insistent that Freeney participate in the teamís offseason program rather than sign during training camp like he did for the 2016 campaign.
"The standard is the standard," Quinn told co-host Rick Neuheisel and me on SiriusXM NFL Radio. ďIf he decides he wants to do it, heís got to be all in to do it. I donít want to make special circumstances for anyone in any way."

Quinn said he hasnít spoken with Freeney about his intentions for this season. USA Today reported last week Freeney plans to play another year.

Oh my,...consistency? Long term plan? To be a perennial winner in the NFL ya gotta have a Head Coach who plans to be there for a decade, fact. And that in unison with players coming together usually grows the fruit of winning consistently. People forget the greatest NFL teams from the past,...the old Packers, haha the Favre era Packers, the Troy Aikman years in Dallas, Buffalo with Marv Levy, the undefeated Dolphins in the '70's, the 70's Steelers BIG TIME,...all these great teams' players/coaches were extremely close in a tight knit love for each other. <sigh> and ya gotta include the Patriots of course.

I joked once with posts,..."welcome to our nightmare Dan Reeves" another "welcome to the curse Jim Mora" and another "welcome to our hell Mike Smith." Looks like Quinn has the unbelievably massive task of changing 50 years of perception. Quinn's success would mean *our* benefit.