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Thread: Cimini: Jets haven't 'given up' on Geno Smith

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    GENO ?

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    I didn't realize his timetable could be that far out? I thought he was good to start camp on time. I don't see him being able to contribute much anywhere if he misses the entire camp. He's a 2018 player now.

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    he has very few options at this point... and Ive seen enough of bryce to know that he hasnt been using his off time wisely.. so afaik he can go away... hack and geno plus a cheap vet any of the romo cutler etc had better damn be a One year flyers IF ANYTHING AT ALL

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    GGbits master plan resulted in 5 super entertaining wins and 5 more mill in dead money for this year

    Macaganan should keep listening to the buffoon

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    I stand corrected. Jets should cut Revis ASAP.
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