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Thread: Hams first 2017 Mock Draft (Vol. 1)

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    For the Raiders - The Raiders most pressing needs are two starting inside Lb's( MLB and Wlb) , a starting safety ( need a faster FS than Reggie Nelson), and A run stuffing DT/ NT ( Dan Williams came in out of shape, and Justin Ellis hasn't progressed) . Expect Mario Edwards( fully healthy) and Aldon Smith( if reinstated) to provide pass rush from the interior)

    The Raiders have a lot of money tied up in their starting CB position, and can cut them after this year( 2018 )without a Cap hit. I expect the Raiders to stay the course at CB,( will draft a CB but not sure it will be in the first) and to play to the CB strengths. ( no off coverage, as both starting Cb's strength is being physical at the line of scrimmage in press coverage. FS Reggie Nelson was just too slow to help over the top that it forced the Raiders to Not be able to play to those cb's strengths.

    I expect the Raiders to address MLB , Safety( cut Reggie Nelson 4 million savings - no cap hit )- use that money to upgrade the position , and DT in free agency.( Dan Williams will be cut saving 4.5 million ( no cap hit- ).

    Looking at the way your draft board went , I would say Hassan Reddick( could fill that Wlb position quite nicely). Want that first round pick to have the biggest impact . Very deep CB class that they can get one in the second round. ( eventually replacement for one of their starting cb's.
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