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    Need more BEEF

    This might be a long entry and it's definitely a waaaaay early one. As usual, and everyone who knows me KNOWS that if I were an NFL GM my team would have a great O-line. Maybe I'm old fashion but it seems the perennial winning NFL franchises build on the lines on both sides of the ball,...then work on the rest.

    Wonder why a rookie QB in Dallas was considered an NFL MVP candidate? Wonder why Tom Brady has time to eat a sammich in the pocket? Two *beast* running backs have seen they careers end when their teams ignored the O-line(Texans/Ravens). So there.

    I wish to carve this post in stone, then refer back to it come April. Salisbury, Maryland is home to Salisbury Steak U. Dan Quinn was a big time athlete there once upon a time,...

    Daniel Patrick "Dan" Quinn played how scrool football in Morristown, new jersey. He went on to start in football, track and field and named All Mason-Dixon in 1994 for his record breaking hammer throw (168.8 feet) while representing Salisbury State in the NCAA track championships that year. Quinn began his NFL coaching career in San Francisco as their defensive quality control coach in 2001. He was inducted in the Salisbury University athletics Hall of Fame in 2005.

    btw,...Quinn played defense at Salisbury Steak. He played a position known as a LEO,...a hybrid linebacker/defensive lineman. That's key to remember. Quinn's scheme requires safeties, linebackers and lighter faster D-linemen to line up in different positions. Quinn himself acknowledged recently when he came to Atlanta he could *fully* implement "our style of defense" which is interesting. That means in Seattle Quinn was hamstrung in some areas somewhat. No more,...Quinn runs the show(defense), in ATL. But hey, don't forget 'bout that there O-line Danny boy.

    The Falcons O-line at present is, and bettah than average, best O-line since 2010. Only right guard is a glaring weakness/hole(REMEMBER THIS) but there's a problem and it's called depth.

    Pro Bowler C Alex Mack is 32 yrs old now. It's not likely he lasts 16 games w/o some dings. The Falcons did draft a guard/center last season and he's come in for Mack when the old man needed a breather and has done well. Big Ben has also played lots of snaps as a,...haha defensive tackle? Quinn is like this,...the Falcons have moved an established NFL wide receiver to cornerback and he's been wunnerful. Moved an O-guard to D-tackle and has guys on defense playing dual, sometimes triple roles. But back to the O-line.

    In 2009 I begged people to promote a trade with the Browns. The Falcons had a low 1st round pick but had two 2nd round picks. There were two excellent centers in that draft, one was Alex Mack. Instead the Falcons traded the pick alright, but to Kansas City for a washed up Hall Of Fame tight end. Mack is a Falcon after all, thus a clean pocket, thus almost 5,000 yds passing, thus a stout run game, thus this thus that. It ain't that hard. As said, Mack is 32 and the O-line is shallow,...why not draft a center @ 31 to develop?

    I trust Phred and nflfans most when it comes to knowing the kids comin' outta college. He's been right too many times for it to be luck. He was right back in 2009 and so was I.

    There's three centers of mention in the draft come late-April according to the source, is Ethan Pocic from LSU. Sources say he's a high 2nd round pick which, to me, means he's worth a 31st pick. he's 6'7" but only 305 lbs. BUT he's just 21 yrs old so he'll get heavier. The other two centers are expected to be late rounders,...Baylor center Kyle Fuller is interesting and then there's Utah's J.J. Dielman. Dielman has experience at tackle reportedly and stands 6'5" at 305 lbs. Fuller a Texas boy and 6 year senior is without doubt "cuntry scrong" as his weight room record is impressive. He's also played @ fullback in goal line situations.

    But here's why I'm posting this so early to carve it in stone. There's a boy that may not be drafted at all. That'd be Salisbury Steak University's graduate,...guard Riley Cannon.

    Quinn is very loyal to former coaches, players. But hey ya'll, this Cannon boy could grow into a monster, not just a training camp invitee. Before the 2015 season Cannon was officially listed as 6'2" at 280 lbs. Before the 2016 season, his senior year, he gained 35 pounds! On the Sea Gulls' site,...yep the Salisbury Steaks mascot is a sea gull,...but on they site it's shown Cannon as a dominant run blocker,...sounds like a great guard to me.

    Well, the experts are certain Quinn/Dimitroff focus on the D-line which makes sense since the secondary and linebackers are pretty much set. I'm tellin' ya'll like I been a 'doin for many, many years. Build the lines.

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    I think Quinn should try to woo Dan Campbell away, this way you'd have two similar coaches. Put their heads together, and Quinn is basically Campbell sans the hair. Its said that two heads are better than one and specially if they works together then y'all most likely would get better linemen to do the same.

    See Campbell is from the O side, Quinn is from the D.

    About the linemen, remember Tuna and the Jets were big on that end, and for a time, it works. I think the Jets stuck to that ground & pound philosophy to a point a fault though. The last time they played the Fins with those big offensive linemen they got all kinds of running yards. It completely flopped and the Fins won easily with the speed.

    So get y'all linemen but make sure they fast, I mean quick.

    Fins invested in linemen like Pounce and oh, that other dude they picked ahead of Matt Ryan. Look at where they got with that?

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    Well,...Jake Long was taken with the 1st overall pick which is just a little ummmm,...not smart. I'm for building the O-line with 1st rounders yeah but not in the first 4 or 5 picks. That's the area teams get great QBs(or busts), RBS and WRs and highly touted O-tackles and the odds either position are great or busts is usually close to 50-50. You mention Long,...I recall when he was gonna be a future HOFamer and all that, coming from our respectable media.

    And then there's the Falcons right tackle,...16 game starter, one of the best in the NFL, undrafted free agent.

    But here's the thing man, without sounding like a drunk monkey HOMEY, I noticed something 'bout the 2016 Falcons during last season, something I've never seen before as a Falcons fan. When the Falcons would play on TNF, SNF, MNF or be on a bye week I'd be able to catch up on the rest of the league. Many, and I mean many times it occurred to me,...dam, the Falcons would beat both of these teams. Of all the 2016 playoff teams, none of them could've stood up and beat the Falcons I say. Lions? Cowboys MAYBE in Fort Worth,...Steelers NOPE, Hawks and Packers were dominated. Raiders, what a shame. Oh yeah, sorry,...there was "1" team that could've beaten the Falcons and they did.

    But you, 90% of Falcons fans, the media and the rest of the *NFL tribe* apparently hasn't noticed just, well,...stats alone. Any of ya'll notice the depth of the roster? Anyone know 'bout the players moved to different positions creating more depth? HayZeus christ,'s on the table to trade the Falcons shut down corner cause the secondary is so deep.

    Dan Campbell? Well, he knows the TE position that is a critical position in the WCO. But his philosophy may not work, and that's *if* he's hired in a position with a voice,...which all Falcons coaches have that right. And he worked under Sean Payton so he could give the Falcons some secrets but anyway,...and too when Philbun was fired a couple years ago Campbell became interim after week #4 AND both O and D-coors were fired as well. I bet you already knew that.;) The O-coor fired indeed coached a WCO offense in Washington but Zak was mainly a college coach. 2015 was an interesting year for the Dolphins.

    And guess who visits Atlanta this year in the Falcons brand new stadium? It'd be the Dolphins. When the time comes before the game I'll remind everyone how CRAZY Dolphins/Falcons games can be. Every TIME these teams meet I wonder if they greased the ball or something.

    I'm not asking the Falcons management to listen to me,...I demand they do! haha that was funny. ahem But yeah, the roster is so robust why not draft for depth. Many Falcons fans are already talkin' trading down for depth. Those see the depth of the roster. But what if ya can get a guy at 31 who'll contribute?

    The Falcons window is closing fast bruh.

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