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Thread: But here's another possibility for a ggtonti man crush!

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    cutler, forte and Marshall it's the bears offense from 10 years ago

    that guy is a team cancer and everyone knows it. You can't have a cancer at the most important position, that's why the Bears are shopping him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JWilly View Post
    yeah, there's no way we are going to carry 4 QBs again. That was a one year anaomoly, made necessary by way too many people being FOOLED by a lousy QB facing scrub competition AND getting tons of luck, to equate to 10 wins. if we had had a normal schedule and only won 8 instead of 10 Fitz would have been gone and we would have carried 3 QBs.

    I agree the Jets cannot be a playoff team in 2017 but my reasoning is much different. Prior to 2016 I DID feel we had a potential playoff caliber team, but knew we were going top have HOT GARBAGE at QB. The thing I didn't account for was that the quality of our coaching was going to plummet to horrific caliber.

    So I AGREE with you that there is NO CHANCE we will make the playoffs in 2017 which then makes spending on a probably NOT FQB just stupid and pointless and furthering the FOOLED approach, but the reason is because I have lost ALL faith in Bowles. In actuality, I DO BELIEVE that if we brought back this same O, and obviously making the assumption that we make a couple upgrades (like CB) that with good QB play AND good HC-ing, this COULD BE a playoff team, but.... two big issues, duh. That QB who is going to step right in and play "good" is not on the table unless you want to pay Taylor FQB money and commit 3 years to him. And just as importantly, the HC is DOG SH!T and WILL BE FIRED. Even if Taylor comes and does play FQB caliber, Bowles is still the anchor that kills it.

    So considering Taylor is NOT a lock to be FQB, but IS a lock that you have to pay him like one PLUS commit multiple years to him, and regardless, thanks to terrible HCing you cannot contend, its is a STUPID short sighted plan. Only makes sense for the FOOLED who think Taylor makes this team a contender, and that's WITH Bowles coaching it remember.

    Nope. Bowles sucks and will be fired, and why commit to Taylor when there will be MORE OPTIONS to "commit to" at QB next year, one of which just might be a legit shot at a legit STUD FQB prospect for really, the FIRST TIME since the 86 draft.

    Petty, Hack and either a draft pick, or if we do sign a guy, it's an insurance play and not a "starter". A $3m vet, not a $20m vet.

    Yeah, get an insurance/teacher QB and let the kids play unless/until they totally implode. Works for me!

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    Wow two head cases!

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    Bears Actively Trying To Trade QB Jay Cutler, Retirement An Option?

    Bears Actively Trying To Trade QB Jay Cutler, Retirement An Option?

    ...According to Jason La Canfora, the Bears are shopping QB Jay Cutler and would take a 2019 seventh-round pick for him. However, Chicago obviously faces a tall task of finding a team willing to take on the $72 million over four years remaining on his contract.

    In regards to what his market could look like, La Canfora mentions that Jets executives have “some interest” in Cutler as a bridge quarterback.

    “They believe he can play in the elements that are a reality in the AFC East, and they like his moxie and arm talent,” La Canfora writes. “And that was well before the Jets hired Jeremy Bates as their quarterback coach.”

    Another option, according to La Canfora, could be the Bills if they can’t convince Tyrod Taylor to restructure his contract. Buffalo is expected to have interest in Tony Romo too, but La Canfora doesn’t expect Romo to end up in Buffalo, which could leave Cutler as their best available option.

    La Canfora also believes the 49ers would make some sense for Cutler. Other speculative options mentioned by La Canfora include the Dolphins if Ryan Tannehill ends up needing knee surgery and the Texans.

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    I think Cutler has ability.

    I don't have anything against him, I don't think he's a bad qb at all.

    I just don't think it would work here the media would hate him right from the start they're already at it and I hate the idea of recreating what was the Chicago Bears offense from five years ago here in 2017.

    It's not a fit.

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