There's nothing the media,...nothing fans of other teams can say that'll effect us anymore. They'll show their true side, no doubt. Fascinating the thought that in losing people show their true selves. And such it is with how people behave in winning.

Soon there'll be the free agent feeding frenzy, and before we know it the draft'll be here. It's known the Falcons won't dip deep into free agency and have the 31st overall pick in April. And then there's the 2017 schedule. The NFC South faces off with the AFC East and NFC North divisions this year. From the NFC West the Falcons drew the NFC East Champions Seahawks in Seattle and from the NFC East the division winner Cowboys come to Atlanta. Should be fun especially when we learn what the NFL scheduling gods do with time of matchups. The Falcons will play in 6 open air stadiums, 4 of those in New England, Seattle, Chicago and New Jersey.

Before all this it looks like we gonna have a lull, sort of like the doldrums at sea around the equator, in football news. Oh yeah, free agents are visiting teams but that's 'bout it unless ya wanna hear 'bout a damped supposed stolen jersey. haha Lawd knows Falcons fans won't be watching the nflnee or espnee much anymore. ahem,...fake news anyone? Well in this case it really isn't fake but it's dam sho biased, maybe even a worse practice. And it's a delight to watch the idiots in the media scrambling for credibility, politically and in the sports wurld. What the hell,...the media lost credibility years ago for most of us.

And since we Falcons fans can only depend on ourselves for info, opinion, etc. and NOT the AJC(what a joke, a NY owned rag), NOT espnee nor tnflnee,...cause ya'll see?,'s bunker time, like Dawgs fans say, HUNKER DOWN DAWGS! We don't need useless input from media/fans anymore. As a matter of fact, and think 'bout this Falcons fans,...lots and lots of people see, they recognize the Falcons talent level and juuuuuust could be,...hahaha a little jealous?

There are some stories to follow this off season. Will Matt Ryan have his own mini-camp again this Summer? Does anyone remember that? Will we see the Falcons D become a force and why or why not? Will Arthur Blank live long enough to hoist a Lombardi? haha for that matter will I? All sorts of stuff. Hopefully Falcons news won't involve players getting in trouble this Summer.

Latest news is free agents visiting the Falcons. And as for Super Bowl LI?,...