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Thread: Revis attacked, injured in Pittsburgh.

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    Mehta was reporting the same earlier. Supposedly the Jets are looking to get back money if they cut him

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsMan57 View Post
    Mehta was reporting the same earlier. Supposedly the Jets are looking to get back money if they cut him
    See that I would say is a dumb move by the team. I get that he may have violated some clause in his deal and that the team is likely to cut him anyway...but he didnt kill anyone, he didnt sexual assault anyone, he didnt do anything morally corrupt. he got into a street fight with a pain in the ass fan...and he won the fight. Im not saying he was right (wtf is he doing on the street in downtown Pitt at 2:30 am???) and I fully understand that after all the shit he has put the Jets through from a financial standpoint over the years combined wiht him stealing their money last year, how this would be a GREAT way to shove it right back up his ass. I also get that it could free up cap space...I get ALL of it.

    But dont do it. Just dont. It will just lead to yet another public circus for this team, cause a ton of resent,ent among the players both on this team and around the league against the Jets organization, and add yet another former player to the list of alumni who now hate the organization. Yes, Revis drove us all crazy but hes still probably the best player to ever put on the green and white and if they go after his money based on this it will isolate him from the team permanently. We have so few players in the HOF...lets just keep the relationahip civil wiht this guy. Cut him and hope another team picks him up so they can offset somw of his salary. But dont open the pandora's box of trying to claw back the 6 mil over a street fight with an ahole that wouldnt leave him alone.

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    A peek at Darrelle Revis' contract: Can Jets now void $6M they owe him?

    By Darryl Slater | NJ Advance Media for
    on February 17, 2017

    So what now for Jets*cornerback Darrelle Revis?*

    He is facing four first-degree felony charges -- including two counts of aggravated assault -- and one misdemeanor in connection with a wee-hours Sunday morning altercation*in Pittsburgh.

    Darrelle Revis charged: What does it mean for future with Jets?

    The charges were filed Thursday, and they don't bode well for Revis' chances of returning to the Jets in 2017. Not that his chances were good even before this.*

    But does Revis' arrest mean the Jets can void the $6 million he was fully guaranteed to get from them in 2017?

    That is not a simple question to answer right now.
    Revis contract -- a full copy of which a league source provided to NJ Advance Media -- includes no specific language stating the Jets can void the deal because of a felony charge. The NFL's collective bargaining agreement also includes no such language. It must be individually written into a player's contract, and it was not written into Revis' deal, though he had no prior legal issues that would've made including this clause an obvious move.
    But Revis'*contract does provide several*generally written protections for the Jets.

    The deal states Revis could*be in default of his contract -- and have all of his 2017 guaranteed pay wiped out -- if he is "fined or suspended by the NFL*or Club for Conduct Detrimental" or "fined or suspended for violation of the NFL*Personal Conduct Policy" or "engages in personal conduct reasonably judged by Club to adversely affect or reflect on Club."*

    That last line is a fairly broad description, which might help*the Jets, though Revis' legal team could probably fight them on that rationale, if they tried to use it.*

    The personal conduct policy suspension wording is more specific. Depending on the outcome of Revis' legal situation in Pittsburgh, which might*take a while to be finalized, the NFL*could suspend him. But the*league typically waits until a player's legal matter concludes before handing down a suspension.*

    The problem for the Jets: They don't have a while to wait before making a Revis decision. He is due to receive a $2 million roster bonus on March 10, the*second day of the league year. That was the Jets' deadline day for a Revis move (salary reduction or cut), and his legal case surely will not be resolved by then.
    Here is another tough detail for the Jets: If they cut Revis before the NFL*hits him with any potential suspension, he will receive his $6 million no matter what, and the Jets will not be able to recoup it, according to the league source.*
    Ultimately, the Jets might*be stuck paying Revis the*$6 million, and eating that amount in dead money for their 2017 salary cap.*

    Revis, who got $39 million fully guaranteed when he rejoined the Jets in 2015, is due to count $15.3 million against their cap in 2017 -- $13 million of which is his base salary. And $6 million of that salary is guaranteed. So the Jets would save $9.3 million in cap space by cutting him. Considering their tight salary cap situation, they need all the space*they can get.
    So why don't the Jets just cut Revis immediately, if they'll have to eat the $6 million anyway? After all, he struggled on the field in 2016, and now he faces four felony charges. With a possible suspension looming in 2017, there is surely*no way the Jets are retaining him now, even if he agrees to take a $7 million pay cut, and lower his cap hit to $8.3 million, right?
    Well, here is Jason Fitzgerald of*with an explanation*about why the Jets must wait until the new league year begins on March 9 to cut Revis:*
    The NFL*requires all teams to be under the cap on the first day of free agency, which marks the start of the new NFL*league year. Dead money from a salary guarantee is treated differently than dead money from a bonus, in that it accelerates into the current league year, which will be the 2016 season. The Jets do not have enough cap room to cut Revis in 2016, which will technically run through the start of free agency. So unless they tweak his contract by paying him a bonus, odds are he won't be released until after free agency starts, and the Jets will have to count his $15.3M cap hit up until the first day of free agency.

    But what if the Jets roll the dice and keep Revis on the roster past March 10, when he is due to receive that $2 million roster bonus? If Revis remains on the roster and is suspended (or perhaps even sentenced to jail time), the Jets could recoup the $6 million, right?*

    With the 2017 NFL Draft approaching (on April 27-29), and the NFL Scouting Combine before that, let's project some picks. Who will the New York Jets select at No. 6? Should they take a quarterback like Deshaun Watson, DeShone Kizer, or Mitch Trubisky? Or would a cornerback like Jalen Tabor or Marshon Lattimore be a better choice?

    That scenario probably isn't worth the risk for the Jets. What if Revis is found not guilty or has the charges dropped or isn't suspended by the NFL? Then the Jets are stuck having paid him the $2 million roster bonus and $6 million guaranteed salary, boosting his 2017 cap hit.
    In the end, expect the Jets to do what they probably were going to do anyway -- cut him once the 2017 league year begins on March 9, eat the $6 million in dead money, move on, and admit (at least internally) what a terrible return they got on the $39 million they paid him.*
    "On to 2017"

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    Reports say Revis knocked both guys out. Nice to see his wrist is feeling good.
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    I hope Woody gets back his $6 million and I hope the fan sues Revis for $17 million.

    That would be hilarious!

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    Do we have any confirmation on who Revis friend was?

    For all we know it could be Sheldon Richardson.

    It wouldn't surprise me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsMan57 View Post
    Reports say Revis knocked both guys out. Good to see his wrist is feeling good.
    As I said...most hitting the prick has done in over a year!

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    Police report reveals new details in the Darrelle Revis case

    Rich Cimini
    ESPN Staff Writer

    The complaint report filed by the Pittsburgh police officer on the scene early on Sunday morning at the altercation allegedly involving Darrelle Revis is now available. The New York Jets cornerback was charged with four felonies -- including aggravated assault and robbery -- and a misdemeanor.

    A few of the main bullet points from the report:

    The complaint report is built around statements from three men -- the victims, Dallas Cousins, 22, and Zacheriah Jarvis, 21; and a witness, Nathan Watt. None of them said they saw Revis throw a punch.

    Cousins and Jarvis, roommates, said they were knocked unconscious and don't remember. There was a mystery man at scene, an unidentified black male who might have been an acquaintance of Revis. Is it possible this man, not Revis, attacked Cousins and Jarvis? The report doesn't say. The man was described as 5-foot-11 with a tattoo of stars on his neck.

    According to the complaint, "Cousins stated that another black male showed up on the scene as he and Revis were arguing over him throwing his phone and Cousins stated that he believed that he was Revis' friend. Cousins stated that after arguing over his phone, the next thing he remembers was getting punched and then waking up to talk to police."

    The officer said Jarvis confirmed Cousins' account, adding in the report that Jarvis also "was attempting to grab his phone off of Revis before he threw it into the street. Jarvis stated that after Revis threw the phone into the street, he too was punched and remembers waking to speak to police."

    What about Watt?

    The reports states that Watt corroborated Cousins and Jarvis' version of the events, adding, "Revis approached (Watt) and stated, 'I got more guys coming.' Watt stated that Revis stepped within a foot of his face with an aggressive demeanor on his face, fists clenched and stated, 'Do you want to be next?'"

    The officer said in the report that he asked Watt if it was Revis or the unknown man who knocked out Cousins and Jarvis. Watt replied, "I don't know, it happened so fast."

    Cousins said he approached Revis on the street and started taking cell-phone video after Revis became agitated. Revis "pushed him in the chest," he told police. Revis' attorney, Blaine Jones, told ESPN his client became upset because Cousins was harassing him and taking video.

    Cousins said Revis grabbed the phone and attempted to delete the video. The video, viewed by the officer at the scene, doesn't show any physical altercations, per the report. The video shows Revis "becoming hostile" toward one of the victims and his friends. The report goes on to say, "The video then shows Revis walking away from the group and [a victim] following him describing what Revis is wearing. The video then shows Revis standing in front of the White Eagle Bar and stating 'Why are you following me?' several times before the video stops."

    Revis apparently was in the area for at least two hours. The officer noted that he spotted him outside another bar about two hours before the incident occurred. Revis was in the neighborhood to check out real estate he's developing, according to Jones. Mind you, the altercation occurred at 2:30 a.m.

    The officer observed injuries to Cousins and Jarvis at the scene. Cousins had a bruise above his left eyebrow half the size of a golf ball and a 1-inch laceration, and Jarvis had a bruise on his right cheek. They declined medical treatment. But later that day in a follow-up interview with police, they said they went to a nearby hospital. Cousins said he was diagnosed with a fracture near his eye, Jarvis a bruised cheek.

    Three 911 calls were made from the scene, including one from Cousins. A cab driver who witnessed the argument also called 911, as did a woman who lives above one of the bars. Essentially, they both told police the same thing: They saw two men unconscious in the street and called police. There are no details in the report about what occurred.
    "On to 2017"

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    Idiot millenials with their cell phones

    Got what they deserved, now like lowlife turds they'll try and profit off Revis through the court system

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsMan57 View Post
    Reports say Revis knocked both guys out. Nice to see his wrist is feeling good.
    or now again hurt for 2017

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