"No joke. This is legit. Apparently Superbowl LI is being considered in the box office. Plans for a movie are already underway.
As if the memory of the bowl isn't bad enough for Falcon fans, the fact that a movie is being made makes it all the more traumatizing.

Oh, and a book will also be made. I feel for you guys.

Via Deadline, a*book and a feature film*are both in the works regarding Patriots quarterback*Tom Brady.*The projects will focus on the stranger-than-fiction come-from-behind win in Super Bowl LI, and will include the #DeflateGate saga.

Get used to it Falcons fans, it's gonna be tough this year. I'm sure this Fall when watching the Falcons most of our TVs will be on MUTE! Unless you wanna puke hearing for the 10,000th time 'bout that loss that's yo only recourse. Many, many Falcons fans have given up watching esp n and tnfln crap. Include Titans, Jaguars, Bills, Bucs, Saints, Browns fans and hell yeah, ratings are gonna go down when the same damned teams keep winning Super Bowls and the media laps at those franchise's backsides.

Hey, look at it in a positive way,...the Falcons and they fans were already the proverbial butt of jokes by aalllll the rest of the NFL tribe(for many decades). I've preached to ya'll that when any of the rest of the 31 teams to lose to the Falcons, it makes them feel dirty. hahaha dirty birds,...pffft. Even that stupid TD dance is mocked after 19 years of its' creation. So there, even if the Falcons had held on to win SB51 we know there'd be articles written suggesting some sort of cheap win. WE KNOW and we expected it before the game,...there's several forums in which fans KNEW it was a no-win-scenario. And they'd have been right if the Falcons won. See, people,...fans of other teams aren't aware the clear contempt their team doesn't receive from the media and general NFL fans,...such as the Falcons seem to always attract,...contempt.

Oh well, our base is strong. Be patient with younger Falcons Fans you seasoned guys. When it's kickoff time in September they'll be there. Just be ready for the onslaught. Believe me, this treatment will makes us and the Falcons stronger. Remember Falcons players/coaches aren't dumbasses and they see what we see. Guess it's circle the wagons, bunker down time.