You Patriots fans,...and you band wagoneer Pats fans. Ya'll are simply incredible. To enjoy winning with class is a fine wine to sup on. To kick at a dead horse is another matter. Ya'll need to stop trolling, pounding yo chesses like a big ole monkey.

It's unnerstandable the chest pounding from the homeys but when people I know whom are NOT football fans digging at the Falcons embarrassing performance in SB 51 is just funny really. It's just my Rhode Island babe from long ago sent a message to me today laughing and giggling like a teen age girl 'bout the game. And she's older than me. I've known her for years. Back in 2005, October 9th the Patriots visited Mike Vick and the Falcons. This gal knows her biz, an entrepreneur, but she knows little 'bout football.

In 2005 Vick missed one game,...the week #5 matchup with the Pats. The Falcons were 3-1 coming into that game. In New England they had an early, severe cold ice storm the week before that game. She called one day and I asked if Pats fans were geared up for the game in Atlanta. She said people were making ice sculptures, everyone in Mass and RI were just really into the matchup like it was a,...Super Bowl in week #5. And I wondered 12 years ago why are these people wanting to beat the Falcons so bad?,...cause she said she'd never seen people there so fired up about a game. haha after 12 years she's become a true Pats fan. But I still love her regardless her shortcoming.

It was a great game in 2005,...Pats won 31-28. Brady had a perfect QB rating in that game.

Well,...she jobbed me pretty good cause I never expected it from her. And I really have no reply to such comments. I suppose if the Falcons won I'd be laughing at Tom Brady, Belichick, etc. nahhh,...when you've been conditioned to losing as a fan for so long maybe you already know what it's like to be made fun of and the feeling's like,...why do to them what they do to we?

Guess who the Falcons face this year?,...the AFC East. And there's plenty time to sow the seeds of doubt in the fertile ground which'd be the Kraft empire.