Falcons hired another West Coast guy to coordinate the offense, Steve Sarkisian. He is the former head coach of both USC and UofWashington. From what I've learned from friends out West, he's an aggressive play caller and LOVES to throw the ball lots and lots,...hmmmm. Makes me wonder 'bout balance the Falcons O lost after Mike Turner left the team. And I've been told the guy loves to drink,...to the point people were having fun with it.

No problem here with drinking a 6 pack before Noon,...done it many times. Just stay off the roads. But it's widely known "Sark" imbibes deeply.

Back to football,...after Shanny's mistakes in SBLI I wonder if Quinn will give Sark the reigns completely or monitor the play calling more? I wonder,...well anyway, we'll find out later this year.

I dunno, but to me it appears the Falcons O is set. Veteran performers, GREAT WRs, very good RBs, decent O-line and all that. Add 2017 will be the 3rd year in the WCO, that magical year in the scheme according to Steve Young when it all clicks, wait, it all clicked year 2 in that Falcons offense.

It's amazing the Falcons,...okay here it is. In 2004 Arthur Blank hired Jim Mora, D-coor of the Niners. Brought in Greg Knapp, O-coor of the Niners. And all the coaches, all the staff were West Coast folkses cause of course these guys want their kind of guys around. Then when it failed, rather when Mike Vick brought the franchise down, Blank hired a conservative East Coast type, Mike Smith. Oh baby we had Mike Mularkey, Koetter, former UGA D-coor, allllll East Coast types. Now it's alllllll West Coast stuff which brings us the WCO(again), and the new fad in defense, what I refer to as the West Coast Defense.

Lemme see,...it's the middle of February, geesh. It's a long time to late April and the draft. And even then with the 31st overall pick there's little to be excited 'bout until,...6 months. Maybe there'll something to talk about until then.