Now it's clear what be a 'goin on down there at Flowery Branch, GA. Quietly there's been a slew of coaches let go after the loss in SB 51,...and that's interesting. And I don't think it's a case of firing failed coaches. All of these coaches will get gigs around the NFL, some of them will be promoted from say, running backs coach to asst. O-coor/RBs coach or something like that.

First thing Falcons haters said,..."coaching staff gutted, next year a losing season."hahaha mmm mmm mmm,...boys this ain't the NFL of the '90's anymore. The great Patriots dynasty lets coaches go left and right,...Super Bowl. They acquire one or two washed up vets and it's,...Super Bowl. They develop young guys undrafted even and it's,...Super Bowl.

And add the fact in every facet of the Falcons game, offense, defense, special teams everything is set in stone. All 60 something Falcons players knows what is what by now, especially Matty.

But here's something I KNOW will ruffle feathers of some Falcons fans friends. Well, here it is,...Dan Quinn next season will become the game manager instead of the head coach/defensive coor. He will become juuuuuuust like Mike Smith, almost identical timing. When Smith was hired he was the former Jaguars D-coor. When he came to Atlanta we read glowing stories that Smith worked,..."hands on" with his defensive players. And so did Quinn, especially since there's so many rookies, but no more.

And I guess it's an NFL trend for the head crotch to be a delegator of some things like allowing assistants to do the actual coaching of players but during the game he will own all the responsibilty, kind of like Captain Kirk.

Ya see, some are suggesting Quinn's problems with game management(clock management too), is because he's soooooo focused on the defense. And the fact he gave Shanny alllll the control over the offense. Everyone remembers the 3rd and 2 in FG range,...that was all on Shanny right there and from now on that will be Quinn's call whether to run or pass at a crucial point in the game.

Well by gawsh,...we Falcons fans have us a Pete Carroll type head coach after all. And hopefully not another Mike Smith.