If ya'll know anything 'bout stuff like monkey grass, trees, etc, ya know sometimes ya gotta cut the roots back which makes the plant stronger. Same with perennials.

Yay,...he's gone. All the cursing, screaming, grabbing players on the sideline during games are gone,...ty lawd. BrYan Cox has been fired along with the DC Rick Smith. Cox has been the Falcons D-line coach the last 3 years,...hired by the Mike Smith regime and the sob almost ruined Vic Beasley until he was told to back off with the boot camp mentality. imo the guy's an idiot, an angry, like all his life ANGRY little child now in an old man's body. Good **ing riddance. Hope the Jets hire you.

Wish Rasheed Hageman had body slammed Cox like he did to the Pats RB Blount in the Super Bowl,...which drew a warning from the zebras if anyone noticed.

It's a little curious to let the DC go since Quinn runs the D, unless Smith has a gig set up somewhere else. Same with Cox.

I'm just glad I won't have to see his ugly ass face anymore in Atlanta anyway.