Okay,...friends demand an entry on the site. Know that I'll also post this at nflfans.com.

I've read Patriots, Jets, Hawks,...hell a bunch of them who said the Falcons should've ran the ball more in the 2nd half last night. They might say I'm a loser but I would've done the same thing as Falcons O-coor. People,...it wasn't the Falcons offensive play calling in the 2nd half. I've been trying for 2 damned years to show people who Kyle Shanahan is. Yes his daddy is a HOF coach but try to get this through all of ya'll's heads,...Mike Shanahan, although a true West Coast Offense type, varied from Bill Walsh's original scheme with the O-line's blocking. Doesn't sound like much do it? Kyle went back to pulling guards, tackles instead of Alex Gibbs(famous O-line coach), "zone blocking" which ALL NFL teams use at some point. But remember you Falcons fans back when Jim Mora JR was HC,...Falocns hired Alex Gibbs an old man by then? Those 2004 thru 2007 Falcons teams, in the WCO NEVER pulled they linemen. It was a straight up pure zone/slant blocking scheme for run plays. Which leads me to my point.

Kyle Shanny has been interesting. In 2015,...well see,...I am old enough to remember the Niners and Bill Walsh. But in 2015 I noticed many, many similarities between Kyle's scheme and yes, Walsh's schemes. Almost exact in fact. Run the ball, hit tight ends, throw deep, dink to the RB, almost exact. And as I said, in run plays the O-line isn't restricted to a "zone."

So in that light,...why didn't the Falcons run the ball more in the 2nd half? hahaha It wouldn't have mattered ya'll. You expect the AFC Champion not to have a good 2nd half after being dominated in the 1st? hahaha

I agree with Shanny,...throw the ball, run the score up. And amazingly no one is saying this,...the Falcons defense/Dan Quinn lost the Super Bowl. To dominate like they did for 30 minutes then to lay a turd in the 2nd half is,...rather inexcusable to me. The Falcons were blitzing with 6 guys sometimes in the 1st half. They were running stunts, twists and the Pats great O-line was looking bad,...and so was Brady.

But by gawd the Pats D was ready to play in the second half. But nah,...same outcome if the Falcons try to run the clock out with a lead, done seen it before, old story. The Falcons defense,...hate to say it,...stopped attacking(Quinn called off the dogs with another big lead), the secondary laying back in zone which resulted in Brady getting the ball downfield more (too much time in pocket), although the Falcons D did sell out on the Patriots runs,...very good Falocns run D last night.

Well,...Shanny is off to Niners-land and this 2016 ride is over.

I still wish it had been a Raiders/Falcons SB 51.