It was the morning of January 31, 1999, the morning before Super Bowl 33. The 16-2 Falcons were to battle John Elway, Terrell Davis and a great Broncos D and we were sooooooo excited that morning,...until turning on the TV. The starting safety had been arrested the very night before he was to appear in a Super Bowl. And he was the very defender burned on a long TD pass by Elway which put the game away. Another in a long line of embarrassments Falcons fans have had to endure through many years.

That was then.

There's lots of people saying this Super Bowl 51 is, ho hum. One guy, a Jets fan said it's a "sucky Super Bowl." Another said it's like the last presidential election, which I alluded to in the last entry(pulling for the lesser of 2 evils). And fine,...please pardon if we bask in the spotlight for a freaking occasion. Ya'll never know, the Falcons might entertain you since ya'll and everyone else should be sick of seeing the Patriots playing in January/February. I thought it was a good thing when new blood plays in a Super Bowl but apparently the Crows are just not liked so much, fine. Sometimes emotional, mental callouses develop in time which means it don't bother myself and other Falcons fans anymore. hahaha it's like us against the wurl type thingie.

It's 'bout 11AM ET and the party starts hardy,...right now. Whew like the old days,...a beer for breakfast, thawing lobster tails, seasoning tenderloin. The grill will be started soon.

Most of ya'll are great fans, sometimes uninformed but that's excusable cause of your passion for the Falcons. And hey ****** please stop bringing up posts from 2015 when people were wanting to trade and even BENCH Matt Ryan, fire Shanny, etc. Unnerstand to discontinue this practice and yes, that's a warning. Okay enough of that it's time to have fun before the big game.

It has been said the 2016 Falcons "feel different" than the 1998 NFC Champs and for that matter every Falcons team they've ever seen before, mainly coming from older fans. And after seeing this said several times I dug up old memories, stats, some old games transferred from VCR to disc, etc. And they're right. Well, not so much the emotional, illogical thing like feeling different but rather the stark difference in the NFL game from 18 years ago to today. But yeah I agree. I've never seen a more resilient Falcons team before,...even with allllll those players in diapers. Four of the Falcons 5 2016 losses were close affairs, other than the Eagles spanking Falcons fannies after a two week road trip to the West Coast.

18 years ago we were a bit younger, would drink to excess, eat like Henry VIII and holler like banshies during the game. Well, we've seasoned with age somewhat. hahaha

ahhhhh, to bask in sunlight in February. Enjoy the moment folks cause glory, secrets are fleeting. haha unless you're fans of certain teams like the Patriots. What is that word,...HUBRICITY? It be 'bout time ta end this behaviour and the Falcons are poised juuuuust to dat. Enjoy the show tonight boys. Hey **** remember the "popcorn incident?" hahahaha!