It's been interesting observing the media, folks on internet forums and talking to people all over the country 'bout tomorrow's game the last 2 weeks.

Almost like a political poll, it's easy to estimate the sentiments of many general NFL fans.

Looks like lots of NFL fans don't like the Patriots. Of course there's the pure hatred from AFC East fans, Jets, Bills and Dolphins. But I've noticed Broncos fans hold a distinct disdain for the Pats. My gawsh when I read Seahawks fans are pulling for the Falcons, even Panthers, Packers fans it reveals lots and a lot of that to me shows class. Anyway, normally a dynasty isn't disliked like the Pats seem to be. The Niners dynasty, Cowboys dyansty, even the Bills for years were a dynasty,...Steelers dynasty,, they weren't disliked nation-wide like the Pats. Maybe it's the case that the Pats have had they way for too long. Cause there's no doubt the Patriots have been the most dynastistical(to coin a word), dynasty professional sports franchise in history,...with a nod to the Yankees.

Falcons fans all over the country posting in forums are the more edumacated bunch. They recognize the media's propensity to never give the Falcons credit in any way. They remember general NFL fan's past insults and some kind of arrogance these people enjoy since they team has won mo Super Bowls and crap like that. Then there's a healthy percentage who just hate the Falcons, so it's like since they hate the Pats more they'll have to root for the Falcons,...the lesser of 2 evils thingie.

Then there's local fans, North Georgia is buzzing! Atlanta proper of course is rocking but all the way up to Carpet City, Dalton to Conyers down to Macon it's all 'bout tomorrow night's game. Beer sales will reach record levels. Even out here on this side of the State them thar good ole boys are a talkin' 'bout them Foulcins. There'll be some moonshine drunk on Sunday,...atter church of cose. This is when I say, careful you fanatics. Some of ya'll 20 year olds were babies back in 1999, ya know SB 33? Heck some of ya'll teenagers weren't born yet. Age matters not. Even if you be a sho nuff Falcons fan and 70 always keep in mind the worst,...I mean the worst feeling is to watch yo team lose the Super Bowl. Ask Panthers fans, they've endured it twice. hahaha ask Pats fans too. They've lost in the Super Bowl.

There are rumors most fans attending this high dollar event in Howston will be a rootin' for the Falcons. Interesting,...feels like a great game a coming.

Tomorrow I may get a last thought out before the game cause come tomorrow we might be into some shine.