Interesting little has been said, so far, about strategies. Was waiting for the experts to clue me in and I'm sure they have time between now and gametime to express themselves. Some of it is a guessing game with the Patriots,...Lots of it is surety what the Falcons bring into this game.

It's been an extreme pleasure watching the Falcons O this season. Shanny JR has brought the old 49ers, Bill Walsh scheme back to life. It is a relentless attack in which they wish the offense to dictate, dominate the opposing defense. This is a quality known to Belichick. Ya see,...ya blitz and ya get burned. Ya play zone,...burned. Zone/cover3 burned. Bill himself said there's no way to hold down the Falcons offense completely. So it's a guessing game when the Pats defend the Falcons O. A surety as well, the Pats will show different D-sets on nearly every play.

Then there's the Falcons D against a legend. Here's where the guessing gets guessier. In the NFCCG Quinn blitzed more in that game than in any game in 2015 and 2016. Exotic blitzes but blitzes none the less. Brady is not Michael Vick so one would guess Quinn would see if the front 4 can get pressure and safeties/linebackers back off in zone cover. Hell, one knows what Quinn will do. The other guessing game is how the Pats attack the Falcons D. A HUGE GUESS.

I'm no expert, never coached but I'd be danged sure my Falcons defense sold out to stop the run first. I have seen Belichick and the Pats run the ball down defense's throats when everyone expected an arial display. And they dominated the game. One game for instance, a playoff game against the Jags with a stout run D. No one could run on the Jags D that season but the Pats did that day, moved on and won a SB. One of the great Belichick moves in strategy. This strategy BROKE the Jaguars defense.

Of course turnovers and mistakes,...officiating will be factors, always a guessing game.

Maybe everything's been said about both teams at this point so no need to rehash, I suppose. It's fine the Patriots are supposedly seeking revenge in this Super Bowl. More soap opera crap,...

Fine,...if this is true believe me it'll be a distraction. This game is appearing more and more like a poker game,...bluffs, desire to win. A young drifter takes on a powerful, rich gambler in an old Western saloon. The gambler has the experience and can mark the cards, even a new deck. See the metaphor? The gambler didn't get all those Lombardis for no reason, pardon the double negative.